NZ8 Basecamp

Fri 12 May 9 — 11:30am

In this special, large-format NZ8, we will take you through our big rocks for scaling in the North American market.
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Climbing to success internationally is hard to do as an entrepreneur, and even harder in a distant country. You want to take your company to the next level without getting altitude (or attitude) sickness.

But you are not a start-up any more – so what are the key steps you can take to get to the next stage?

Based on our well known NZ8 Summits, this special, wider-format version will take you through our big rocks for scaling in the North American market. Inspired by a recent NZ8 Summit with Garage Venture’s very own Bill Reichert, we will distill his 10 Scale Up rules to live by with Kiwi business leaders who have been there, done that, and have the scars to prove it.

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Claudia has spent over fifteen years in the technology sector as a founder, advisor, mentor, board member and enthusiast. Claudia now helps Kiwi companies grow bigger, better, faster in the US. Claudia is a regular speaker on digital innovation, digital media and building businesses of the future.
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