What Does it Take to be a Cyber Security Professional?

Mon 8 May 5 — 7pm

EY reveal what a career in Cyber Security is really about by debunking myths and showing the true diversity of its professionals.
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EY wish to demonstrate the true capability and versatility of the Cyber Security profession by showcasing the diverse range of tasks carried out to protect information. Moreover, exhibit the wide variety of skill sets and personalities that a typical cyber security team will possess.

Cyber Security, like any other profession, comes with its myths and stereotypes of "who we are and what we do".  EY will show how these are not always true and how a career in Cyber Security involves much more than 'sitting in front of a computer'. By doing so, we will reveal that Cyber Security is a diverse occupation and that teams require professionals from 'all walks of life' to ensure that they are well-rounded and capable of handling any task.

The event will consist of an introductory 15 minute presentation followed by a 45 minute discussion with our diverse panel of Cyber Security Professionals about cyber careers.

To conclude, the event will wrap up with a networking event in which the panel and members of the audience can meet and discuss cyber security careers and the future of the industry


Paul is an Associate Director within the EY Cyber Risk Advisory practice. As an Information Security professional with over 18 years security experience, he has a successful record of managing both operational teams and security transformation programmes with multi-million dollar budgets.
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