What is Techweek?

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The guardians of Techweek are an establishment board of industry experts passionate about NZ’s innovation ecosystem and its potential positive impact on the world. Techweek is committed to encouraging global thought leadership from the edge of the world, and growing NZ into a global technology and innovation hub.
The Techweek team and an advisory board of industry experts, partners and patrons have curated the Techweek‘17 programme from submissions by organisations and individuals in our community. Each event is run independently by enthusiasts and experts from diverse fields.

Techweek launched in Auckland in 2016 with an exciting programme that covered a huge range of pioneering topics, from big data to the internet of things. 55 events across 10 days saw more than 10,000 attendees. Investors, business leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals and enthusiasts all gathered together to make connections and learn new things.

In 2017, Techweek expanded to become a nationwide initiative, with more than 200 events curated into a diverse programme focused on finding local answers to global questions. Techweek'17 events hosted more than 20,000 New Zealanders and visitors in 24 cities.

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