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Techweek exists to amplify your innovation stories to the rest of New Zealand and the world. It provides a unique opportunity to connect, to inspire and to build capability in others and yourself.

In 2017, Techweek was proud to host a programme of more than 287 events in 24 locations across the country during the festival.  In 2018, we're growing again.

The focus for Techweek'18 is INNOVATION THAT'S GOOD FOR THE WORLD, and within that a celebration of New Zealand's unique, interconnected innovation ecosystem.

For the first time, the Techweek team are co-creating four hero events that tell the story our most exciting companies and the ecosystems that connect them. We're also inviting international visitors to come on down New Zealand during Techweek to explore, discover and play a role. 

Despite these new, exciting developments, the core of Techweek's programme is still shaped by awesome event organisers who are plugged into their local innovation ecosystems.


- Host an event. There are two sections to the Techweek'18 programme. If you're interested in hosting an event as part of the curated programme, please contact the Techweek team directly. If you're looking at running a Festival ecosystem event, keep reading, we're throwing a party for you to help make it happen.

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- Sponsor or support an event in some form, whether that be in-kind or financial, by offering a venue, a speaker, or even just good advice.

- Present yourself, your company or product at an event, whether that be one of the larger hero events, or a festival event.


1 NOVEMBER 2017: our Techweek Discovery (Disco) portal opens for any individual or business that would like to be part of Techweek'18. This provides an opportunity to throw your hat in the ring, say what you have to offer or what you're planning, and ask for the support you need to create the best event you can. Are you a sponsor looking for a cool AI event to support? A speaker with something important to say about how blockchain is changing the world for the better? A potential event host with the best idea for a hackathon? Then the Techweek Disco is where you need to be. Join now >>


21 NOVEMBER 2017: event submissions for the Techweek Festival open. You will need to submit your event plan at, which will then be reviewed by the local champion in your city and the Techweek Festival Manager. Once you have the green light from them, we'll ask you to create an awesome event listing - with sparkling copy and beautiful imagery - so we can showcase your event in the best possible light on the Techweek platform. If you need help creating your event listing, our moderators will direct you to content creators who can bring your event to life online.

MARCH 2018: the Techweek Festival programme officially launches, with all the fireworks and excitement our powers combined can bring. This is when your event can benefit from the collective enthusiasm and interest in Techweek's inspiring #goodfortheworld message.



If you're rearing to go right now, that's awesome, but we're not quite ready for you! The best way to keep in touch is to subscribe to our monthy newsletter, and follow us on all the socials, they're the first place you'll hear about Techweek'18 happenings.

We can't wait to make Techweek'18 amazing with your help!


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