Submitting an Event

What you need to know

This year our submission process will follow a simple two-part process. When submissions open on 25 January, you will be able to put through your details for part one. Your application will then be reviewed and if accepted, you’ll move on to part two to complete your event submission and pay your booking fee.  You are required to complete and submit part two by 24 March.

If we have questions or require further clarification with your initial (part one) submission our team will be in contact to work through this with you. 

All approved event listings will be added to the programme and go live 6 April.

To make the process easier for you, it’s a good idea to get prepared before the submission dates openBelow is an outline of the information you’ll need to provide for part one.


Event title: up to 70 characters

Event Date/s: between 24 - 30 May 2021

Event Time/s: You can pick any time that suits you, first in first locked in. If we have too many over this period or may clash with another event similar we will be in contact.

If you plan to run multiple events (e.g. different events and/or different locations), please submit a separate listing for each event. Note you will be required to pay the standard event fee of $49.00 plus GST for each event. However, if your single event runs across multiple days (e.g. starts Monday morning and ends Tuesday evening), this should be submitted as one event and you will only pay a single event fee of $49.00 plus GST.

Event Description: A full description of the event, making sure everyone understands what the event is about and that this also fits with the themes for Techweek21. Have a think about who might be speaking at your event, however you can add in the speaker details at a later date. Please also consider all the following (audience, category, type of event).

What type of event will this be for Techweek 21 and where will this event take place?

  • Expo/showcase/demo
  • Hackathon
  • Hybrid
  • Multi day event 
  • Networking event
  • Other
  • Physical
  • Virtual 


Target Audience:  Please choose up to 2 to fit your audience of your event from the following:

  • Business owners

  • Corporates
  • Entrepreneurs

  • Families

  • Government

  • Investors
  • Media
  • Start-ups

  • Students

  • SMEs

Event category: Please think about what type category your event fits within: Education or Community or Business & Industry.

Event theme: Take into consideration the event themes for Techweek21, and make sure your event is aligned with at least one of the following: 

Taking tech to the world - Showcase how New Zealand local tech businesses are succeeding on the global stage.

Attracting tech investmentAn opportunity for regions to raise their profile as an attractive destination for technology, and innovation investment and research.                     

Attracting tech talent - An opportunity for regions to raise their profile as a place where top quality tech talent wants to live & work.

Celebrating regional stories - Tech-related examples of inspiration, education and commercial success for local regions throughout New Zealand.

Start-up Stories: Success for Entrepreneurs and SMEs - An educational and inspirational showcase of success for start-ups, entrepreneurs and small business.

Accelerating business growth with tech - Informative and inspirational examples of New Zealand businesses enabling exponential growth through tech.

Inspiring tech careers for the next generation - Encourage and inspire vocational pathways into tech by connecting young people and their families/teachers with employers and business.

Future tech workforce: Career change pathways - Encourage and inspire people to consider a new career in tech in your region.

Connecting communities - Inspire people to engage with technology & the tech sector with events in local schools and/or events for whanau and kids, seniors, and community groups.

Sustainable innovation and technology - Showcase the role technology can play in well-being, sustainability, digital inclusion, climate change and making the world a better place.


Having all this information before you submit your event will make it easier to start to plan.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact your regional coordinator or