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Techweek themes

New Zealand’s tech and innovation sectors are growing rapidly. Techweek22 will foster that growth by providing the nation with a week-long, nationwide, opportunity to meet, share ideas and connect for a better tomorrow.

Techweek22 will be a mix of live, virtual, hybrid events and Techweek TV, so there’s something to suit everyone. We will explore six themes that showcase how technology can help keep people connected, the economy active, and how New Zealand can become a tech hub for thought leadership in what is a new dawn for all of us.

Our chosen themes help anchor Techweek and guide event organisers with topic selection.

If you are unsure which event theme your event fits into, please contact us prior to submission.

This year's event themes


Skills & knowledge 

The future we live and work in will be technologically advanced. New Zealand is focused on growing its tech and digital skills and talent pool to match the growing demand for jobs and careers in tech.

It’s crucial we have the skills and talent to thrive in this future, and that our tech is built by, and for, society as a whole. There have been long-standing gaps of skills within the digital tech sector, especially in senior specialist areas. A mismatch between industry needs and the skills available in New Zealand means the industry struggles to find people with the right skills. Success means taking a system-wide approach to matching industry needs with local and international talent, and ensuring opportunities to learn, train, discover and recruit are accessible to all. There is a huge opportunity to change things up and bring new people into the sector and embrace diversity and inclusion in tech companies.  

Techweek22 will explore and showcase the unique characteristics of the tech sector. It’s about people, relationships, community and connectedness, rather than material things. Which makes it incredibly agile and adaptive, and a potent agent of change and transformation. However, outside the industry there is often a perception issue around what a tech job or career is, so demystifying this can help to bring new people into the sector and address the skills mismatch.

Techweek22 will showcase events that:

  • explore career opportunities in tech;
  • activities that inspire the next generation into tech careers;
  • opportunities to upskill, reskill and inspire the next generation and in turn change perception.

Digital transformation

We are on a path to digital transformation with technology helping to keep people connected and the economy active, but to attain our share of the exponential growth potential in the digital sector and the economy, we must act now.

The tech sector is an enabler of economic activity and improved productivity. Digital tech can promote resilience, assist with emissions reductions and help to manage the impact of other forces of change. Digital transformation – the adoption and smart integration of digital tech across business, community and society – can also support ongoing efforts toward accelerating the economic recovery and rebuild from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Techweek22 will showcase and explore the Digital Strategy for New Zealand with its pillars around Trust, Inclusion and Growth and how the Digital Technologies Industry Transformation plan will focus on Growth and the plans to achieve this. Growth is about ensuring all of New Zealand is well-positioned to reap the rewards of being a leading digital nation. With opportunities to demonstrate how technology can help keep people connected and the economy active, Techweek22 is the ideal platform to share ideas, discuss, co-operate and build momentum around the role of digital tech in securing a more prosperous New Zealand for all. 

Techweek22 will highlight events that show how the sector is dynamic and internationally connected. Plus share stories on how the Digital Technologies sector can realise its potential and be world-leading when it comes to emissions reductions, inclusion, growth and innovation.

To this end, Techweek22 will provide opportunities for kiwi businesses, policymakers and stakeholders to come together to share best practices and insights into what it takes to develop a thriving digital trust economy.

Climate & sustainability 

New Zealand is defined by its natural environment, and its progressive and entrepreneurial spirit – qualities that can put us at the forefront of climate and sustainable tech solutions.

Innovation supports global climate change mitigation and there’s immediate and global demand for tech-based solutions. New Zealand is defined by its natural environment, its cultural wherewithal, and a progressive and entrepreneurial spirit – attributes that should put us at the forefront of global sustainable tech solutions.

A highly developed and sustainable tech economy has the advantage of delivering weightless exports, attracting investment that works for the environment and our commitments to a low emissions future. Moreover, the deployment of sustainable tech solutions across the energy, agriculture, transport, waste and other key sectors will enhance our standing among nations by demonstrating our leadership in combating the climate crisis.

Techweek22 will showcase events and stories that:

  • highlight New Zealand companies that are embracing and producing global sustainable tech solutions;
  • activities that showcase how to take a solutions-oriented approach to the climate crisis.

Global impact

New Zealand has never been as attractive for global investors, tech talent and tech buyers. Now it’s time to tell that story and position New Zealand as an exciting tech industry to engage with. Key to success will be a compelling and consistent international message that encourages a common purpose.

Success on the international stage means amplifying our global reputation for innovative digital solutions and ethical application of tech.

Techweek22 will showcase:

  • New Zealand’s Tech & Innovation Story – which aims to shift global perceptions about our technology and innovation capabilities;
  • Kiwi Tech companies who are flourishing internationally, with a willingness to share their experiences with early-stage businesses. This presents a further unique opportunity to support export growth in sectors such Software as a Service, AI and Interactive Media;
  • opportunities to learn about international markets and how to achieve success at the international level;
  • initiatives that promote better understanding and appreciation of tech and innovation in New Zealand;
  • how to attract investment, increase tech exports and recruit  international talent, both technical and managerial. 

Leaders & innovation 

New Zealand is home to some of the most innovative people and businesses in the world. Now is the time to share inspiring stories of local tech innovation and leadership.

Now is the time to share and celebrate stories of locally developed technology, innovation and leadership, and promote investment in tech as a means of generating prosperous communities.

With technology disrupting and transforming business and society at an ever-increasing pace, we’re bringing together local leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs from far and wide to:

  • connect, advance and promote careers in tech;
  • to discuss what it takes to be a future tech leader;
  • to speak of their experiences and best practices; and to share key insights about how innovation can drive positive change.

Māori tech participation 

Inclusivity is the bedrock of innovation. Techweek22 will elevate and showcase Māori excellence in digital and tech business and encourage our tangata whenua to explore digital careers pathways.

Apart from offering employment, business ownership and investment opportunities, the tech sector is an excellent fit with a young, tech savvy Māori population and provides locational flexibility, which supports regional iwi development. Digital tech can help express indigenous values and offer opportunities for the entrepreneurial mind-set that is often associated with Māori. The story-telling elements of Interactive Media are particularly applicable.

An inclusive digital community is at the heart of Aotearoa New Zealand’s future prosperity; promoting Māori success in our tech sector is crucial to realising this goal.

Techweek22 will showcase:

  • Māori excellence in digital and tech business;
  • encourage our tangata whenua to explore digital careers pathways;
  • champion these success stories to connect, inspire and empower Māori of all ages to participate in the tech and digital sector in ways that work for them – in their communities, daily lives and professional careers.