This unique two-day, mixed format event is the ideal way to discover New Zealand's vibrant innovation ecosystem — Techweek is proud to present the Good for the World Open Days, delivered in partnership with the Trans Tasman Business Circle.


Monday 21 May

Begin your Techweek journey at this official opening event, where you'll hear from New Zealand thought leaders and innovators as they discuss the importance of innovation that's good for the world, and the role that New Zealand has to play in harnessing new technologies to create a better world for future generations. This three-hour event is an entry point to New Zealand's innovation ecosystem, discover its unique connectedness, its novel approach to doing business, and its driving force: solving global problems.

Speakers to be announced very soon.

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BLOCK 1: the Trans-Tasman ecosystem, design thinking and the future of urbanisation

Mon 21 May — 12pm-3pm


Connecting the Tasman to the World

55 Wellesley St E, Auckland

Science, research and innovation for the future prosperity of New Zealand and Australia

A discussion on the business case for an effective trans-Tasman Innovation Ecosystem – including specific initiatives to enhance collaboration between our communities of innovators. With speakers: David Thodey, Chair, CSIRO and Vic Crone, CEO, Callaghan Innovation.

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The New Breed of Business

Better, Faster, Leaner

The realities of evolving complexities require a new standard of innovation that is both collaborative and adaptive on a global scale. With strong collaboration, it’s the active translation of customer insights into meaningful design solutions that impact people’s lives. Hear from our panel of Design Thinking champions, on the importance of the integration of Design to build trust and stimulate inclusion.

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The Future of Urbanisation

Make every day better

Explore the future of urbanisation: How technology can engage people in all aspects of creating and interacting with the (smart) infrastructure of the future. Keynote speakers and panelists will discuss: What innovation will have the greatest influence on cities in the coming decade? The Future Of Transport – Mobility as a Service (MaaS) How AI can interface with the travelling public to generate planning insights How IoT can address a range of infrastructure, climate change, transit, utilities, and mobility challenges Delegates can also participate in interactive demonstrations utilising augmented and virtual reality, 360 imagery and Point Cloud technologies for reality capture, UAV (Drone) data capture and cloud-based analysis – all applied technologies that Beca deploys to make every day better for our clients.

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BLOCK 2: blockchain, artificial intelligence and digital disruption

Mon 21 May — 3pm-6pm




18 Viaduct Harbour Avenue, Auckland

As new technology cracks open the barriers to business where do you stop with innovation?

Blockchain is reimagining trade barriers, dealing with provenance issues, and most importantly it is encouraging greater collaboration. This engaging and interactive session will go beyond the technical observations of what blockchain is - we’ll share how blockchain is being applied to business here in New Zealand and globally. Attendees will be sent a Blockchain pack electronically prior to the session to familiarise themselves with the technology so we can maximise our time together.

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IBM Blue logo 300dpi

AI | A force for good

Join IBM in exploring how Artificial Intelligence is improving our everyday lives

AI is helping people with disabilities, assisting doctors with cancer treatment plans, personalising student learning pathways, and tackling some of the world’s toughest challenges to improve outcomes and create positive change. We’ll start this IBM-hosted session by showcasing how Artificial Intelligence is a force for good, drawing on a range of Kiwi experts and entrepreneurs representing a variety of industries. They’ll present their own unique perspectives in a series of lightning talks and then join a panel discussion. Hosted by: IBM NZ Analytics & Artificial Intelligence Leader Isuru Fernando and External Relations Manager Shannon Thomas.

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Digital Disruption

in the film & television industry

A discussion about how viewership patterns are changing, and the impact of changing technologies on the entertainment business and beyond. The competition for the attention of audiences is ramping up. With ever-more choice and variety in content, there is no doubt that traditional broadcasters must work harder than ever before to stand out from the crowd. Hear first-hand from Chief Product and Information Officer at TVNZ, Kim Niblock and our expert panel who will cover everything from new OTT strategies to the assessment of audience data, from advertising to content production.

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BLOCK 3: from research to reality, digital identity and the secret to Kiwi tech success

Tue 22 May — 9am-12pm


AUT logo block3

Tech Fusion | how AUT is shaping the future

55 Wellesley St E, Auckland

Experience AUT’s latest research innovations and meet our academics and students

Find out how easy it is to connect and collaborate with Auckland University of Technology. Discover the latest research, innovations and talent we are producing and see how our entrepreneurs are contributing to NZ society. This session offers the chance to experience a mix of diverse academic research presentations, as well as an interactive showcase and networking session – a great opportunity to meet our researchers and talented students. You will learn about AUT’s initiatives beyond research and teaching - where ideas transform into commercial ventures, and you’ll also see how AUT is developing talent and fostering the leaders of tomorrow.

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The Right To Be Forgotten

Digital Identity — why it matters and why it's important

The future is NOW for digital identity. Knowing what customer identity attributes matter is essential. Understanding why, when and how they matter is a game changer. Root out fraudsters before they have a chance to act. Welcome first-time customers with open arms. Engage an extended workforce with confidence. This is enabling your business to compete in the cognitive, always-on era. Faster customer authentication decisions the first time, every time. This is the power to predict.

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OHalloran Ver 2 BW Pos


72 Taharoto Road, Takapuna, Auckland

Join O'Halloran North Shore for a session celebrating New Zealand tech success stories

O'Halloran North Shore, chartered accountants and advisers to tech, are pleased to provide our local and International guests an opportunity to cross The Harbour Bridge and enjoy some breathtaking views before joining us us at the B:Hive, a state of the art conference facility and shared workspace where we have brought together some of the best Kiwi tech stories from across the nation to share their experiences and to help inspire the next wave of success stories. Hear from the founders of New Zealand’s high growth tech firms about how they have managed to expand internationally, raising capital along the way, while maintaining a focus on building a Kiwi company. How have they developed a unique Kiwi culture and how has that helped in their success? Learn the critical components of growing a tech success from developing a robust R&D culture to raising capital and trade sales. The conference also allows unique opportunities to engage with these business leaders in small intimate groups to maximise learning and sharing of knowledge.

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BLOCK 4: cybersecurity, big data, women in innovation & digital education

Tue 22 May — 12pm-3pm



New approaches in dealing with security of critical infrastructure

Who owns your data?

The definition of critical infrastructure is expanding as more areas in our daily lives and business depend on technology. This session will focus on ways to fill protection gaps and new technologies, policy and approaches.

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Big data has changed everything about IT

Myth vs. reality

The continued rise in the volumes and diversity of the data available to the modern business presents both opportunity and challenge in equal measure. Join our panel of experts as we take a holistic look at one of the biggest challenges and opportunities that today's modern organisations face.

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Women in Innovation

A forum for notable woman at the forefront of innovation to share their professional stories and personal insights. More information to come

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From pencils to pixels

New Zealand's digital education challenge

A discussion about raising capability and the development of new skills in our schools through digital education in order to create a New Zealand economoy based upon the industries where there is the most opportunity, scale and potential for success.