7 top tips for planning your TW21 event

7 top tips for planning your TW21 event


We know Techweek is a great place to meet, share ideas and enhance our future world. If you are considering hosting an digital event, here’s our top planning tips;

1.       Know your audience

Understand your target audience and consider their needs.  Explore what your audience has in common?  Why are they attending your event?  What do they expect or what do they want to gain from the experience?  Should you charge attendees? Techweek research shows that most attendees want to learn, be inspired and make connections to further their business or careers. 

2.       Choose an event format

Consider what style of event will meet your audience needs?  Your format choice will depend on the size of your audience, engaging with speakers, sharing ideas or hands-on experiences. The most popular events include webinars, hackathons, seminars, workshops and conferences.  Learn how to create a webinar from scratch

3.       Select an awesome platform

Finding the best platform for your event is important and will depend on cost (and your budget). How many attendees will you expect?  Do you have enough bandwidth to ensure a lag free event?  Are you able to prerecord material?  Learn more about choosing the right platform for your event. 

4.       Determine your equipment needs

Think about what equipment you will need at your event and make a master event planning list.  Consider everything from backgrounds, headphones, lighting or staging decor. 

5.       Practice makes perfect

Practice delivering your event on your platform.  Know how to mute or unmute the audience, share screens, present slides or videos, handover to another speaker and control timings.

6.       Add special touches

Reflect on the most memorable events you have attended.  What made them so special?  How can you make your event unmissable, personal or fun?  What is your point of difference and how can you add special touches?  Here’s more on running a successful digital event.

7.       Spread the word!

Most Techweek attendees learn about events through word of mouth and social media.  We promote Techweek2021, but you still need to consider the best ways to promote your event directly to your target audience.  


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