By Team Techweek

We know Techweek19 (20-26 May 2019) feels like a long way away, but the time machine of life moves quickly, so here are 3 things to think about if you'd like to be part of Techweek's awesome event organiser community next year. 

1. Techweek is New Zealand's annual festival of innovation that's good for the world, how does this apply to your event idea? We'll be super excited about Techweek events that find cool ways to harness local ingenuity and innovation to solve global problems. How can Artificial Intelligence ensure all children have access to a quality education? How can Blockchain tackle climate change? In what ways is cybersecurity essential to safeguarding the future of the human race? Try to come up with event topics that ask BIG questions, and work really hard to find answers to them, too. 


2. Who do you want in the room at your event? The most universal feedback we received at the end of Techweek'18 was that it was sometimes hard to know which events were meant for which audiences, so this year we want to make sure our event organisers are super clear about this from the start. Are you targeting school-age kids interested in learning to code? Do you want CEOs in the room? Do you want founders? Do you want marketing managers working in organisations that aren't currently using technology solutions? If you can pin your audience down, marketing your event will be so much easier, and our platform will make it super easy for your dream audience to find your event. 


3. Is your event designed to inspire or build capability? We have two clear objectives for Techweek19, and we want to make sure every event that's part of the programme is focused on one of these. Is your event intended to inspire and motivate people, to give them a taste of new technologies, to provide a safe space for people to experience new technologies? Or is it a specific topic with a specific associated learning outcome? Will attendees leave your event with new knowledge that they can immediately apply to their new lives. Answering these questions will help us understand whether your event is designed to inspire or to build capability, which will affect how it shows up on the website and what marketing collateral it could appear in.

Later this month, we'll be opening the Techweek Discussion Forum — this is the place where you can start connecting with people within the ecosystem who can help you plan, support and execute your event idea. In the meantime, get your thinking caps on and find the answers to the 3 questions above. 



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