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An insight into graduate programmes at ANZ

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By techweek Techweek

7 April 2021

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My knowledge of ANZ before joining their Technology department was that they only offered finance related roles. It was their transformation analyst role advertised on the Summer of Tech platform that lured me in; asking for a candidate that could understand the world of technology but driven by supporting people – the perfect place for a Social Science student majoring in both Psychology and Computer Science.

The three month summer internship with ANZ was just what I needed to get my bearings around the structure of large scale tech-shops and begin to realise how I can build on my learnings from university, here. At the end of Summer I was fortunate to move into the 18 month graduate programme where I have tried my hand as a reporting analyst, scrum team product owner, and now as a release lead and business analyst.

Each rotation has been met with steep learning curves and supportive managers who encourage me to be curious and learn, but at my own pace. Because of this environment I now have a variety of skills that I can draw on and essential knowledge on how each platform depends on one another.

As I’ve moved around teams and interacted with Technologists at the many learning and social events put on, I’ve come to understand that there is a place for everyone in Technology. Whether you are detailed oriented and want to get right into the technicalities or a high-level person interested in the ‘how we do things’ over the ‘what’, there’s a place here for you.

This month I begin the daunting yet exciting task of securing one of the many diverse roles that fit me, and I look forward to my next chapter with ANZ Technology.

Check out ANZ’s careers website for opportunities or to register for job alerts for their Graduate programmes.

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Author: Patricia Harrison

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