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Events in Agritech

By Kirsten Marsh, 16 May 2019

Events for Startups

By Kirsten Marsh, 10 May 2019

Fourth Revolution: the presentations

By Alicia Northridge, 12 Jul 2018

What to expect at Techweek'18 Waikato

By Techweek Waikato, 18 May 2018

Unlocking Regional Growth through Innovation at Techweek‘18

By The University of Waikato, 4 May 2018

Creative Realities - more speakers announced!

By Team Techweek, 24 Apr 2018

David Downs on the importance of tenacity

By David Downs , 13 Nov 2017

Popping bubbles | Access Granted on the power of community

By Mike Riversdale and Raj Khushal, 8 Nov 2017

10 strategies for start-ups at events

By Ben Woolf, 5 Oct 2017