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17 May 2022

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Event Tips | 7 ways to perfect your Techweek'18 event

23 Jan 2018

The nationwide festival, spanning 19-27 May, provides a fantastic opportunity to connect with consumers, peers and mentors, to inspire others and to build capability.

Event Tips | The 6 most popular event types at Techweek

23 Jan 2018

Here's a simple guide to some of the most popular event formats that have appeared in previous Techweeks to inspire your 2018 event.    1.

Submit your Techweek'18 event now

23 Jan 2018

<p>The events you run during Techweek foster growth across industries and sectors, and help to build New Zealand’s reputation as a global innovation hub.</p>

5 minutes with Carolyn Tremain

27 Nov 2017

<p>We caught up with MBIE’s acting chief executive Carolyn Tremain to talk about how MBIE is working to grow New Zealand’s tech sector and boost our country’s international reputation as a tech-savvy hub where world-leading solutions are born.</p>

Building a festival | How we chose the topics for Techweek'18

24 Nov 2017

<p>Mind-reading is cool, but so are lasers. Here's how we began to make sense of the New Zealand tech landscape ahead of Techweek'18.</p>

Introducing | Techweek Discovery

1 Nov 2017

In May 2017, Techweek became a nationwide festival.

Meet the team | Courteney Peters

31 Oct 2017

Meet Courteney, Techweek18's Marketing and Communications Manager Explain your role at Techweek in one sentence  I'm the guardian of the Techweek brand, and I get to gather awesome success stories from across…

Meet the team | Jennifer Clamp

31 Oct 2017

Meet our fearless leader, Techweek18's National Director, Jennifer Clamp.

Meet the team | Alicia Northridge

31 Oct 2017

Meet Alicia, Techweek18's Festival Manager. Here she is with the Techweek'18 mascot, Elphias Doge.

Meet the team | Perrin Reilly

30 Oct 2017

<p>I left school when I was 15 to become an electrician. School and I just didn't go well together. </p>

Innovation that's good for the world at Techweek'18

5 Oct 2017

In 2018, Techweek is focusing its stories and event programme on one simple idea: Innovation that’s good for the world.

Techweek'17 | The Recap

26 May 2017

It was 9 days actually – an extended week during which we saw 287 events running in 24 locations across the country.