Event Tips: Popular event types at Techweek

Here is a simple guide to some of the most popular event formats that have appeared in previous editions of Techweek to help inspire your event ideas; 

1. Hackathon

What is it? 

A Hackathon is an event that can last from an hour to 48 hours. It generally involves programmers meeting to do collaborative computer programming to solve challenges outlined at the start of the session. E.g. creating unique code for websites, apps or robots.

Audience type

A format which works well for a small or large audience.  

Key audiences: computer programmers, people with programming interests.

What attendees get out of it

Networking with people in the same field. Hands on experience. Academic learning. Sense of achievement. 

 2.  Networking Function

What is it?

A networking function is an event which brings together people with the purpose of creating connections and building rapport with another person. In business, the saying ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ can be quite accurate. Networking events are a perfect way for people to make crucial connections which can help to improve their business. 

Audience Type

Small to medium audience: 20 - 80

Primarily focused around Business

What attendee get out of it

New connections with those who have similar interests/business

 3. The Workshop/Seminar

What is it? 

Workshops and Seminars are interactive events, where attendees can engage in discussions on a chosen topic. Most workshops and seminars only focus on one topic. Seminars are more academic-style events, so topics are most often educational in nature. Whereas, workshops are more hands-on with the opportunity to work with the speaker directly in a small group. 

Audience type

Audiences can be from anywhere between 20-200.

Great for audiences to engage in discussions in groups. 

What attendees get out of it

Academic learning.
Hands-on experience.
Networking with those who have similar interests.
Discussing a topic of interest.
Engaging with a speaker.
Getting others' point of view.

 4. Open Day/Demo

What is it?

An open day is when members of the public are invited to visit a place or institution which they would not normally have access too and get a demonstration of what goes on within that place or institution. 

Audience Type

Small to medium audience: 20 - 100

Depending on the space available at the location. 

What attendees get out of it

Opportunity to learn about how things are made, or what your company does. 

Opportunity to work with a new product being demonstrated. 

A chance to explore a place or institution that is of interest to them. 

 5. The Conference

What is it?

Conferences are large events that have multiple topics and multiple speakers. They normally have one main theme with multiple sub-topics. Conferences can vary in length, from one day to a whole week. 

Audience type

Large audience, approximately 200 to 5000.

International speakers and attendees.

Wide range of professionals to attend.

Generally there is a high ticket price for people to attend these events. 

What the attendees get out of it

Opportunity to learn about many different topics.

Networking opportunities at end of events and during breaks.

 If you're still in need of further inspiration, or want to find out other ways you can contribute to the festival, be sure to check out Techweek's Discussion Forum

By Team Techweek

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