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Event submissions are now open for Techweek'18, which means planning for the festival – which is open to all and takes place nationwide between the 19-27 May – has begun in earnest. 

But don't fret if you're still in the early stages of planning. Here's a simple guide to some of the most popular event formats that have appeared in previous Techweeks to inspire your 2018 event. 

1. The Hackathon

What is it? 

A Hackathon is an event that can last from an hour to 48 hours. It generally involves programmers meeting to do collaborative computer programming to solve challenges outlined at the start of the session. E.g. creating unique code for websites, apps or robots.

Audience type

A cost effective event for a small or large audience. 

Key audiences: computer programmers,people with programming interests.

What attendees get out of it

Networking with people in the same field. Hands on experience. Academic learning. No high costs.

2. The Seminar 

What is it? 

Seminars are interactive events, where attendees can engage in discussions on a chosen topic. Most seminars only have one topic. These are more academic-style events, so topics are most often educational in nature.

Audience type

Large audiences: 20-200

What attendees get out of it

Academic learning.

Networking with those who have similar interests.

Discussing a topic of interest.

Engaging with a speaker.

Getting others' point of view.

3. The Workshop

What is it?

A hands-on event that is less formal than a seminar. Workshops usually have smaller audiences to allow the speaker to oversee and teach the audience personally. A great event for showcasing a new product.

Audience type 
Small audience (max 50).

Instructor/speaker to engage with audience.

Great for audiences to engage in discussions in groups.

What the attendees get out of it

Hands-on experience.

Networking with an intimate group.

Experiencing a new product/discussion.

4. The Conference

What is it?

Conferences are large events that have multiple topics and multiple speakers. They normally have one main theme with multiple sub-topics. Conferences can vary in length, from one day to a whole week. 

Audience type

Large audience (200-5000).

International speakers and attendees.

Wide range of professionals to attend.

High costs.

What the attendees get out of it

Opportunity to learn about many different topics.

Networking opportunities at end of events and during breaks.

5. The Panel Discussion

What is it?

A panel of speakers discuss a particular topic with an audience. These events give the opportunity for speakers and the audience to really engage with each other. They are often Q&A sessions with the audience. Social media can be used to help engage larger audiences.

Audience type
Small or large event.

Great for full engagement from audience.

Suitable for anyone as discussion topics can evolve easily.
Opportunity to engage with speakers.

What the attendees get out of it

Very engaging event type.

Networking opportunity.

Academic learning. 

 6. The Round-Table 

What is it?

Round Table events are when a select few attend an event with a specific topic to discuss, each with an equal right to participate in conversation.
Small events (10-20).

Audience type
Invite only.

Key audience:
senior professionals.

What the attendees get out of it
Networking with senior professionals.

Networking and discussion with people who have similar interests.


Ready to submit your Techweek'18 event? You can do so here. If you're still in need of further inspiration, or want to find out other ways you can contribute to the festival, be sure to check out Techweek's dedicated event discussion forum, the Techweek Disco

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