As Techweek fast approaches, we caught up with Kiwi Landing Pad Community Director Sian Simpson on what events she’s looking forward to this year. Sian spends most of her time growing New Zealand’s technology and startup community, helping them to scale and expand globally; she knows growth is not just about startup specific events, but also about getting beyond your sphere of influence and comfort.

"Often we gravitate towards exactly what we know," Sian says. "I think it’s more interesting to draw insights and inspiration from various industries, people, backgrounds and places that you can then apply to your business or skill set. You can be more well rounded - and if you're the best in your industry, why not be the best everywhere?"

The events Sian is excited about are certainly broad, with something for everyone. From the practical, to the introductory and inclusive, to truly inspirational, she has considered all the things that are required to grow environments for teams and global businesses to thrive. Have a look below:

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