How to present online like a pro

How to present online like a pro


Presenting at an event can be nerve-wrecking at the best of times, but digital events can add an additional element of stress as you need to navigate the technology as well as your presentation.

However it doesn’t matter if it's online or in person, the golden rule of presenting is to practice.

Here are four ways to ensure you nail your digital Techweek2020 presentation.

1. Know your role

Ask the event organiser to explain the running schedule and your role in the event so that you can prepare properly. Make sure you know what platform the event is being run on, when you are presenting in the order of proceedings and whether or not people will be able to ask questions and how they will ask them.

2. Prepare your content

When preparing your content, consider the purpose of your presentation and the key takeaways for the audience. It is also wise to ask the event organiser for details about the audience, including their expected level of knowledge about the event topic, so you can tailor your content to them.

Always structure your content with an introduction, main points and conclude with a summary. Provide signposts for the audience by telling them what’s coming and reiterating what you’ve told them. Depending on your topic, organise your main points in how-to order, problem and solution, or order of importance. Engage your audience by using real life examples and case studies to illustrate your key points.

3. Sort your visuals

It is a good idea to have slides to accompany your digital event as they will give the audience something visual to focus on. However, it is important that any slides or visual aids that you use enhance your presentation, not detract from it.

When designing slides, keep it simple with bold images (remember your audience may be viewing on a small screen) and less than 10 words per slide.

Tip: Always align your notes and visual aids so they illustrate your point at the right time!

4. Practice makes perfect

Not only does practice make perfect, rehearsing your presentation a couple of times will help you feel calmer on the day.
Choose your setting
Sit or stand, but either way, make sure your camera is well angled so everyone can see you clearly. Prepare a minimal background and test your lighting. Ensure that the room you will be using is quiet.

  • Make camera contact - Remember to look directly at the camera, just as you would make eye contact with audience members in-perfect. To remind yourself, place a post-it note next to your camera.
  • Speak clearly - Use a conversational tone. Speak slowly, clearly and use simple sentences.
  • Pace yourself - Even if you’re super nervous, try not to rush through your presentation. Pause. It may seem like forever, but it’s not.
  • Use notes effectively - Try not to read your presentation word for word, use summary notes instead. Place your notes close to the camera, so you (and only you!) can view at a glance.
  • Know your controls - Know how to mute, share screens, present slides or videos, handover to another speaker and control timings.

We hope these tips will help you present like a pro!

Check out the Techweek2020 events calendar here.

By Team Techweek

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