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Preparing your event

Event Tips

By techweek Techweek

5 February 2021

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Congratulations on getting your event together for Techweek22. Now that you’ve submitted your event, what’s next?

Promote your event

When it comes to registrations, the more the merrier! We’ve created a Digital Resource Pack for you to help you create sleek and professional event promotional material.


Use the digital assets with your newly created event URL and embed it into your social media, website, newsletters and associations.


Think about your venue 

How many people are you expecting? Are you providing refreshments and if so, do you need a kitchen? Are there bathrooms? Do you have a particular space in mind?


Consider your equipment needs

Do you have specific AV or power requirements? Do you need glassware or servingware for refreshments?


Know your digital platform

If you are planning a virtual event, consider the following: Can you set up a poll? Do you know how to record your webinar? How do you want your attendees to ask questions?

Do some research on the functionalities of your chosen platform and make sure you know how to take full advantage of them. Once you’ve decided on what you will use, include instructions for your attendees in your housekeeping notes at the beginning of the webinar. For more tips on how to run a successful digital event click here.


Make a runsheet

For both live and virtual events it’s important to make sure your speakers, panellists and helpers know who is doing what and when. 

Some simple things to bear in mind are: knowing who is handing over to who (to ensure smooth handovers) and how the slides are being controlled. Will someone monitor and answer the questions during the session? Who will hit the record button?

Assigning a name to each action and providing the runsheet to the team before the event will help ensure everything runs efficiently.


Engage your attendees 

As people have taken the time to register, it means they’re interested in your topic and what you have to say. Maximise the opportunity to connect with your audience before, during and after Techweek. Are there any interesting developments in the field? Could you get some questions in advance? Is there a survey they could contribute to?

Don’t forget to send your attendees a reminder with the event link a week, a day or an hour before your event to keep your event on the front of mind.

Download the Techweek22 digital resources pack and get cracking. If you haven’t already - submit your event here!

To keep updated with event information and connect with fellow Techweek organisers please join the ‘Techweek22 Discussion Forum’ private Facebook group. For other enquiries please contact your Regional Coordinator or our Techweek team directly.

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