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Meet the team | Jennifer Clamp

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31 October 2017

Meet our fearless leader, Techweek18's National Director, Jennifer Clamp. 

Explain your role at Techweek in one sentence 
I hold the Techweek NZ vision and bring together the amazing people who can make it a reality.

Tell us something we’d be surprised to know about you.

For some reason people are surprised to know that I’m just as happy adventuring in the outdoors as city slicking. Oh, and I practiced flying trapeze for two years at The Circus School in London.

For some reason people are surprised to know that I’m just as happy adventuring in the outdoors as city slicking.

What were you doing before Techweek?

Running my own business Garden Genie, making it simple and enjoyable to grow your own food, whilst working to increase entrepreneurship in Auckland within ATEED.

And what’s your next dream job when you finish up here?

Coach and strategist to visionary entrepreneurs!? I’m a change maker by nature and profession, and I love people. Whatever I do will need to have the potential to create significant positive change in the world.

Name one thing about Techweek’18 you’re particularly excited about

I’m excited about the stories we are going to tell and businesses we are going to showcase this year. I’m excited to see our international audience’s response to these stories and to see the stories build pride across New Zealand. We have so many amazing Kiwis creating world-changing solutions to global challenges. More people need to know about them!

What’s your favourite sci-fi or near future novel/film/tv series and why?

It’s actually a documentary, but the film-making and people featured definitely give it a sci-fi feel – Werner Herzog’s documentary Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World. I love how eccentric the people featured are. They are so in love with their machines. It’s a whole other world. I also love the moments Herzog includes that most people would edit out – those moments convey so much about the person being interviewed.

film3 loandbehold 1

Above: Werner Herzog's Lo and Behold.

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