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Meet Rebecca (aka Becks, Becky) — our all-round office superstar. 

Explain your role at Techweek in one sentence 
I'm the project administrator, so essentially I do all the admin for the team. it's a bit of everything, I get all the emails, I'm the go-to for any contacts, and book all the meeting rooms, car parks...all the fun stuff! I also spend a bit of time hanging out in the Disco helping to connect our community so they can put together great events at Techweek'18.

Tell us something we’d be surprised to know about you
I'm actually a qualified massage therapist. I started training in 2015, with the goal of doing sports massage. I prefer it to relaxation massage as it's fast-paced: you get to go to events and be on-site for pre- and post-match massages. Or you get to help people train so they can reach goals like running a marathon. 

What were you doing before Techweek?
I worked for NZMA (New Zealand Management Academies) as their administration coordinator. My favourite part of the role was working on the graduations. When I told some of the students I was leaving a couple of them cried, so I promised I'd attend their graduations in December! 

And what’s your next dream job when you finish up here?
Techweek'19, or just another event as it's what I really enjoy. I would love to work on rugby events, the World Cup or even just an All Blacks game would be epic. 

Name one thing about Techweek’18 you’re particularly excited about
I haven't attended Techweek before so I'm really open minded and looking forward to pretty much all of it. I love the sound of the creative Headline event in Wellington, it'll be really cool to see some of the augmented reality technology in action. 

What’s your favourite sci-fi or near future novel/film/tv series and why?
I don't really do sci-fi, the closest I get is probably the American horror/fantasy TV show Supernatural. I'm more into Prison Break/Sons of Anarchy type shows. I'm the same with books and podcasts; I'm listening to lots of true crime podcasts at the moment, and the last book I read was Marching Powder, all about a guy going through the Bolivian prison system.



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