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Meet the Techweek TV host: Ryan Ashton

By techweek Techweek

18 July 2020

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Techweek TV will be hosted by Ryan Ashton from A Few Quiet Yarns (AFQY).

Ryan has spent his life translating the value of tech to both business and IT people, but also believes that tech should be in the hands of every person.

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Nicknamed ‘Ryan the Lion’, Ryan’s knowledge, energy and passion for tech will engage and excite Techweek TV viewers.

Ryan has been running A Few Quiet Yarns for 12 years for the tech community, connecting over 8,500 people through their stories, technology and business.

Techweek asked Ryan a few quick questions ahead of his debut on Techweek TV. 

How many devices do you have in your home that connect to the internet, and what are they?

Nine devices:

  • Three laptops
  • Three phones
  • One TV
  • One Screen
  • One Muse – Brain wave
Describe yourself in three words?

Empathy, Kiwi, Tech

What do you see as the biggest tech opportunity for New Zealand?

Right now we need to build a Government-funded Tech Factory that is an incubator on steroids.  

Are particular field of technology that you would like to learn more about?

All of them – probably Quantum Computing is my most misunderstood, can we do time travel? Apparently it will bend time and get us through space faster…

What technology or piece of tech has had the biggest impact on your life?

My mother is a CIO which meant we had tech in the house very early on. We were the family with a computer so I’ve grown up very confident around technology.

After that, a Palm Treo 680 – I had a touch screen phone before iPhones. Everyone asked who would need or use video calling!!

Who are you excited to interview as part of Techweek TV?

Every single one of them with no fare or favour - we have the start ups and the innovative leaders, we have the serious politicians, we have the experienced old hands and the accomplished companies.

Which Techweek2020 events are you most looking forward to?

There’s too many to list them all, but these are some that I am excited about:

  • Using Digital Twins to Engineer the Future
  • Ride the Next Tech Wave – Global Tech Leader interviews
  • Shouting Zeros and Ones
  • Games for Good
  • The State of Artificial Intelligence: Why Your Business Should Care
  • Building our Future: Growing manufacturing capability through technology
  • Tech Idea to Tech Business: How to Start Up
  • NZ XR – Virtual and Augmented Reality Report Launch
How can viewers connect with you?

A Few Quiet Yarns on LinkedIn

Catch Ryan on Techweek TV from 27 to 31 July

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