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Monitoring toolsets providing value “Beyond Technology”

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26 May 2020

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How monitoring enabled ANZ to thrive during the COVID-19 lockdown.

By Marek Matuszewski, Operations, Tools & Services Manager, ANZ

Like many, the recent nationwide lockdown meant a focus on health and availability of our systems to ensure our customers and staff needs were met.  For ANZ it highlighted the value of our monitoring toolsets and the ability to make business decisions and responses to customers’ experiences, in as real-time as possible.  

With the spotlight put on unprecedented numbers of remote connectivity and both customers and key stakeholders seeking assurance around our ability to maintain operations, the pressure was on.  Here’s a brief insight into what this meant for us and our customers…

Our experience

Immediately after Level 4 was called in New Zealand, we experienced an increased number of customer and staff interactions - within Digital Banking alone that first week saw 8 million logons from our ~2 million customer base and, whilst flexible working at ANZ is the norm with many working from home one or two days a week, within two days of lockdown, we needed to accommodate over 6,500 staff working from home all at once.  

Thankfully, focused effort in expanding our enterprise health view prior to lockdown proved invaluable as we moved to Business Continuity Planning (BCP) mode with underlying infrastructure and application monitoring toolsets enabling our ANZ workforce, including our customer facing channels, to be fully operational from home within the first week.

Dashboards adding real-time value with drill down data

The real-time visual insights captured with our new BCP Dashboards enabled us to monitor the health of our key-end user systems during each lockdown period.  Whilst the landing page provides a high level metric of key indicators on a single pane of glass, each section of the dashboard drills down into historical trending and other detailed data points. 

Much of the timing around these new dashboards was accelerated by COVID-19 and the need to access data previously deemed a “nice to have”. It also opened up access to a number of key stakeholders, including CEO Antonia Watson and our Property Management team who previously hadn’t had access to such valuable real-time data.  

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Statistics made available by our dashboards included:

  • PC Connectivity – distribution by type of connection and location;

  • Building access – who is coming into the buildings that are open to those roles that are unable to work from home;

  • Video Conferencing – how many meetings are running throughout the day with participant attendance and quality being measured;

  • Network bandwidth performance – how is the network coping with increased remote traffic and video conferencing being undertaken;

  • Device Management – what our PC stock levels are like and;

  • ATM/POS Statistics – what customer spending activity is being undertaken?

The new dashboards also enabled us to introduce new services that would add value to our customer experience, including an ANZ Network Status Page, an internal website which receives data from our monitoring tools and displays the health of our key end-user services, enabling us to keep staff informed of service availability such as PC Connectivity, MyMeeting (an in-house video conferencing app) and Bandwidth without requiring access to our monitoring toolsets.

We have long benefited from having our customer facing applications monitored. Whilst there wasn’t a scramble to reactively enhance our monitoring capability, COVID-19 did present us with an opportunity to pilot a “Session Replay” extension– a visual interpretation of the customer session using various data points.  Especially of value during the lockdown was the implementation of a call back form whereby customers could enter their contact information and request a call-back from a customer service representative instead of waiting on hold.  Straightaway the products team could review customer interactions and validate an absence of errors.  The design team were also able to see customers’ interactions with the form and spot opportunities for improvement without the need for customers to alert us to an issue.

Overall these tools ensured key channel availability for our users and gave our customer’s confidence in the Bank’s ability to service their needs.  


Marek Matuszewski will be sharing more insight into ANZ’s IT Monitoring during Techweek2020. 


ANZ is a Techweek2020 Festival Partner.


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