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New Opportunities in Australia’s Booming EdTech Sector

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By NZTE Commercial Business Advisor Pamela Caldwell

16 May 2022

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The Australian education system is renowned as one of the best in the world. So, it’s not surprising that the country’s EdTech sector is booming, presenting opportunities for New Zealand businesses looking to expand. 


The Australian education system

Australia has more than 9,500 primary and secondary schools. Of these, 65.7% are government-run, 19.5% are Catholic schools, and 14.8% are independent.  

A mix of federal and state funding, along with fees and parent contributions, supports all three types of school. Each state and territory has its own tendering processes – to look for opportunities in government schools, head to each state or territory government’s tendering website.

Under the Australian and New Zealand Government Procurement Agreement (ANZGPA), the two countries are considered one market, so New Zealand businesses can easily tender for Australian government work.  

Australia also has 43 universities, with approximately a million students. There are also more than 5,000 registered training organisations (RTOs), catering to 4.5 million students; this includes government-run TAFEs (Training and Further Education).

Australian EdTech: geared for growth 

Australia’s EdTech industry has recently experienced huge growth, and this is expected to continue – the sector is forecast to expand by around 11% by 2025. 

Between 2014 and 2019, the number of EdTech businesses increased from 350 to around 600, with many of these businesses moving from ‘start-up’ to ‘scale-up’ over the same time. The sector employs around 13,000 people and is the country’s second-largest start-up industry, with an annual revenue of $2.2 billion. 

School technology is supported by all government levels. EdTech is generally seen as critical to Australia’s educational future, and online learning is well recognised. The national school curriculum makes large-scale rollouts of EdTech products and services possible.

Opportunities for New Zealand businesses

While considered small in global terms, the Australian EdTech sector is larger than its New Zealand counterpart, with more businesses relative to population. Its continued growth represents opportunity for New Zealand companies. 

Four areas gaining increasing attention in the sector are: artificial intelligence, learning analytics, digital reality, and the application programming interfaces (API) economy. Our research shows there are opportunities to replace, enhance or supplement the technology and equipment Australian schools currently use. 

If you are considering the Australian education sector as a market, make sure you research how your product could benefit potential customers in these and other areas. Understanding the channels to market and how to build your brand will further help you find ways to access customers.

New Zealand businesses at Melbourne EdTech Week 

Melbourne EdTech Week 2022 runs from 8 to 11 August. The event showcases companies working in EdTech in Victoria. NZTE’s pavilion, EdTech 2022, will feature several New Zealand businesses: 

  • LINC-ED’s flagship sharing, reporting and billing platform, Hero, was launched in 2019. The business is now gearing up for global expansion, beginning with Australia and South-East Asia
  • Essential Resources supplies resources across the school curriculum, including lesson plans, tools and strategies to support learning success
  • StepsWeb is a research-based literacy program used in more than 1,200 schools. The platform takes a structured approach and encompasses three key areas: literacy knowledge, cognitive efficiency and processing skills
  • Banqer teaches financial literacy and education to primary and secondary students. To date, the platform has been used by more than 180,000 students
  • Orah provides a 360-degree platform that supports students, parents and school staff in some of the top schools in Australia and around the world
  • Recently acquired by Education Perfect, EdPotential’s student data analytics gives schools the tools to improve student outcomes and save teachers’ time. 


Ready to expand your EdTech solution? Explore our Australian EdTech Market Guide and follow NZTE commercial business advisor Pamela Caldwell on LinkedIn for news and updates on the Australian market.

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