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NZTech supporting community events with free Techweek2020 listing

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By techweek Techweek

1 June 2020


NZTech’s vision is for a prosperous New Zealand underpinned by technology. We know that to achieve this, all New Zealanders need to embrace technology to receive the benefits that tech can provide across all aspects of their lives.

In order to encourage New Zealanders who don’t usually engage with technology to learn more about it, NZTech is offering to cover the event listing cost for any community-focused Techweek2020 event submitted before Friday 26 June.

If your Techweek2020 event is aimed at people outside the tech sector, whether that is children, families, senior citizens or a general audience, then you may qualify to have the $49 Techweek2020 event listing fee waived. 

To take advantage of this offer, simply select ‘Community’ in the event category when listing your event in the Techweek2020 event portal and submit your event for review by Friday 26 June. The Techweek team will confirm that your event meets the criteria and then will publish it on the website.

If you need some help creating a digital event, check out our list of resources here or leave a post in the Discussion Forum

Submit your Techweek2020 event now

Terms and Conditions:

    • Events must be submitted for review by 11:59pm on Friday 26 June
    • Techweek will judge whether they deem your event meets the community criteria
NZTech’s support will be recognised on your event listing through the inclusion of NZTech logo listed in the sponsor section and we will include this line at the bottom of the listing: This community event listing is made possible with the support of NZTech.

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