Platforms for running digital events

Platforms for running digital events


With Techweek2020 being moved to digital events, you might be wondering about how you run a digital event for Techweek2021.

Just as you would select a venue to host your physical event, in order to run a digital event you will need to select a platform to use.  

No matter whether you are planning on running a webinar, a panel discussion or just a virtual hangout, there are many different digital platform options for you to choose from. 

Two of the most commonly used platforms for digital events are Zoom and GoTo Meetings, which we have outlined below. 


Zoom’s popularity has sky-rocketed during the lockdown period, and for good reason. The service allows large groups of people to participate in video meetings.

In addition to their meeting service, Zoom also offers webinars (a paid subscription is required).  

Zoom meetings offer a free and paid version.  The free version offers meeting times limited to 40 minutes for any meeting that has more than three attendees. The lowest cost paid version gives you unlimited meeting time with up to 100 participants. 

It is user friendly and people can participate in the meetings without having to have an account - meetings can be accessed online or through the Zoom app or by dialling in via their phone.

GoTo Meeting / GoTo Webinars

GoTo Meeting and GoToWebinar have long been a mainstay of the virtual office world, allowing businesses to communicate with staff, clients and customers around the world.

GoTo Meetings facilitates video conferencing while GoTo Webinars allows you to run presentations to groups of people. 

You can sign up for a free 14-day trial, however, after that you will need a paid subscription in order to continue using the service. 

Other platforms

These are some other platforms that you may want to check out: 

Adobe Connect offers virtual classrooms as well as video conferencing and webinars. 

BlueJeans is a secure video conferencing and large events platform for remote workforces.

Crowdcast is a video platform for interactive live conversations. 

Google Hangouts enables people to connect with each other through group video calls. 

Google Hangouts Meet is a version of Google Hangouts targeted at enterprise for video conferencing. 

Hopin is a startup platform designed to run events online, rather than just the standard meeting or webinar format, which allows attendees to do things such as network one-on-one and join roundtable discussions. 

Microsoft Teams is a communications and collaboration platform which utilises Office 365. 

ON24 is an enterprise level platform that lets you create, market and host online experiences.

Vimeo is a platform that can be used to live stream events. 

Webex is an enterprise solution for video conferencing and webinars.  

Tip: If you are unsure which platform will work best for your event, check out their product demonstrations or sign up for free accounts or trials and have a play to see what will be suitable. 

Customised options

If you would like a customised solution, we have two New Zealand companies who have special offers available for Techweek event organisers. Please contact them to find out more:

We hope these options help you find the perfect platform for you to organise your Techweek event for 2021.

By Team Techweek

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