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Event Tips

By techweek Techweek

10 May 2022

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How to promote 

When it comes to registrations, the more the merrier!

We’ve created a Digital Resource Pack for you to help you create sleek and professional event promotional material which will soon be available.  

We strongly suggest you utilise our Techweek promotional assets alongside your newly created event URL by posting them across your

  • social media / twitter
  • website
  • newsletters
  • associations & databases

Tag us #techweek22 #goodfortheworld

Keep your audience engaged and informed by highlighting key topics, speakers and news within your selected event theme; continue to regularly promote your event right up until your start date for the best possible results.

Add your contact details on our event page under organiser, so delegates can contact you with questions.

Virtual events:
Under your event details / Event recording or live stream link

This is where you place your URL link for those to attend the online event.

After your event is completed, you can upload the recording of your link here and share this across your social channels and databases.

Download your virtual background, we have Techweek ones to use here.

In person:

Please ensure you have your address details, room numbers etc on your event page.


Send reminders to the registered attendees of your event coming up and extra information and links or addresses they may require. 

 Promotional pack:

use the promotion guidelines for event organisers

Tips for running an event 

We have a range of articles with tips and ideas for running events, including virtual events, venues, presenting and preparing. 

View articles on Events.

View FAQs about running a Techweek event.


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