Should you charge people to attend your digital event?

Should you charge people to attend your digital event?


Before you set up a ticketing system it is important to consider why you are charging people, as paid events are likely to receive fewer attendees, depending on the content. 

If you want to charge people to attend events, it needs to be clear to the potential participants what value they will receive from your event. Will your event give them access to an international speaker or expert who they wouldn’t be able to hear from otherwise? Are you running a training event that they would have to pay to access elsewhere? Is your content highly unique or specialised? Are you offering a personalised experience, such as one on one questions and answers?

If you have decided that you are going to charge for people to attend your events, you will need to use a ticketing platform to do this, as we can not run this through the Techweek website. 

Humanitix is a not-for-profit ticketing agency that Techweek has connected with this year.  They have different options for how to run a paid event using their ticketing system and can also integrate with some webinar platforms such as Zoom. You can learn how to do this here.

Eventbrite is a global ticketing platform that many event organisers in New Zealand work with. Techweek also works alongside Eventbrite to help successfully take registrations for your events.  See how to set up paid events here using their ticketing system.

There are also other ways in which you can accept payments to run paid events through direct payment processing platforms or webinar systems that include their own payment processing, but be warned the fees on this may be high. 

Taking registrations for free events 

If you decide that you won’t charge for your event,  we still recommend that you ask attendees to register in advance for your event. This will give you an indication of how many attendees to expect and will allow you to follow up with your attendees later. 

Webinar platforms like Zoom and GotoWebinar already have built-in registration functions, so there is no need for an extra step. If you are using another platform without a built-in registration functionality, you can use Humanitix which does not charge for free events. 

If you do not need attendees to pre-register or take payment, you can simply add the webinar code in your event listing on the Techweek website which will link them through to the event. 

Whether you decide to charge for your event or not, we look forward to seeing your digital event as part of Techweek2021. 

By Team Techweek

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