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Should you record your digital event?

Event Tips

By techweek Techweek

10 June 2020

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One of the advantages of digital events is that they are easily recordable - so is this something you should consider for your event?

The short answer is yes. If you have the ability on your platform to record your event, then you definitely should - even if you don’t intend to share the recording.

It is important to let your speakers know that you will be recording the event and how you plan to use the recording after. Make sure you get their permission with a Release Form.

These are some of the great ways you can continue to reap the rewards of your efforts running and recording a digital Techweek event:

On demand replay

Some of your audience may not have made it to the live event, or they could be in another timezone, so having your content available on demand is perfect for reaching all your audience, long after your live event is finished.

Most platforms and computers have basic editing tools to allow you to  do some basic editing such as cutting the first 1-2 minutes when everyone is joining the event. Simply upload the video to your website, Vimeo or YouTube and then let your audience know where to find it.

Send the URL of your recorded event to hello@techweek.co.nz and we will put your event on our special Replay playlist, so that your content can be found again easily.

Reuse and repurpose

It is easy to produce more content for free.

You can use the entire content at the next event as a simulive event. You and your speakers will dial in but simply answer questions via the chat box or at the end of the presentation without having to re-do the presentation. This means for the audience, it looks and feels like they are attending a live event. 

You can also cut up your digital event into many smaller pieces of content to use on social media,  your website, or promotion for future events.

Why not send the content to your speakers as a thank you and then they can use it for their own promotions?

Learn and improve

Even if you don’t want to put your recording online, you can still rewatch it yourself.

This is a good opportunity to see if there are unanswered questions which you can answer via a follow up email to your attendees. The chat may also give you ideas for future events. 

You can also learn from any mistakes you might have made or think of ways to improve for your next digital event.


Recording your event is easy to do, but make sure you know how to do so before your digital event begins! 

Techweek is just around the corner, so submit your event now and then send your content’s URL to hello@techweek.co.nz. See you at Techweek!

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