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Sneak peek: How many connected devices does ANZ’s Lee Mauger have?

By techweek Techweek

19 March 2020

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Lee Mauger

Lee Mauger

Organisation and role:
Head of Strategy and Architecture at ANZ Technology.

How many people live in your household?
Two adults and two kids

How many connected devices do you have in your house (total)?

  • 75+ connected devices:
  • 50+ IoT lighting (Philips Hue)
  • 6x weather monitoring sensors
  • 1x light pollution sensor (University of Madrid)
  • 1x central heating system
  • 1x solar system with emergency backup capability
  • 1x solar energy consumption monitor (Arduino homemade)
  • 1x CO2 sensor (Arduino homemade)
  • 1x fire alarm sensor
  • 1x robotic vacuum cleaner
  • 1x TV
  • 1x Android Auto in car
  • 1x Zero Emission Electric Motorbike with Bluetooth control via mobile
  • 2x virtual assistants (neither are plugged in)
  • 5x laptops
  • 2x smartphones
  • Zero apple devices!

Which connected device do you use the most often?
All of my devices have a practical use, otherwise I wouldn’t have them. However, my environmental smart controls are the most used devices. My only regret was buying the virtual assistants Amazon Alexa (too annoying) and Google Home (never understood a word I said).

If different from above, which is your favourite, and why?
My latest is a Zero DSR electric motorbike, I recently bought second hand from a friend. Despite being a 2016 model, I’ve discovered New Zealand is still not ready for it. Finding insurance was tough, most requiring a ‘cc’ rating for the bike (it doesn’t have a petrol engine!). It’s a monster, the electric motor gives it maximum torque from standstill. I had to dial down the power via the mobile app to 40 percent until I got used to it. I live in the hills of Wellington, so often I get to work with more energy in the batteries than when I left!

What do you think will be the next connected device that you introduce into your household, and why?
Gathering data on climate change locally and over long periods is an important challenge today. I want my kids to be able to see the difference we have made, so I’ve been building a new environmental monitoring station. This will be mounted on our new extension and is industrial strength for long term data collection. It leverages open standards like MODBUS RTU and uses an Arduino (a favourite platform) to relay the data.

Is there a piece of connected home tech that you don’t currently have, but you would like? (Either a device that already exists, or something that you would like to be invented)
I’m not sure, but it will be something I build, not something I buy. My kids have already figured out that today you can build way more exciting things than are available in the shops. Together we design in TinkerCAD, then 3D print things with glow in the dark filament! We will build an Arduino based system to monitor CO2 inside the house and our new challenge is to automate the vege patch so we get perfect vegetables with no hassle!
Our throwaway consumer society isn’t sustainable. Sometimes buying things is cool, but they have to be things which are designed to be repairable. Recently we bought a non-running 1955 Ferguson Tractor off TradeMe and my kids and I repaired it to working order. Now, we’re looking to engineer a special mower attachment which can mow around our olive trees. This will save us time on the weekends, so we can do other things together.

In your experience, what sort of impact has the rise of connected devices had on your life and/or household?
There has to be a balance and I think society is still figuring this out with things like social media. I love the data, but sometimes I consider I’m probably over-monitoring. If you’re not careful you can find yourself consumed by monitoring data that previously you didn’t worry about.

What connected devices do you rely on most to do your job?
I live on my phone and if there’s not an App for a service, I likely won’t use it very often. At work we have an awesome mobile environment and also a flexible working environment. Any organisation that thrives on creativity realises that they need to help their employees work when and where they can perform at their best.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
I’ve only recently started at ANZ, but I’m looking forward to accelerating our engagement with FinTech, RegTech and other emerging tech, to push the boundaries on what we can do for customers.

How many connected devices do you have in your household? Tell us here.


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