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Sneak peek: How many connected devices does EdTechNZ’s Chair Shane Kerr have?

By Team Techweek

16 March 2020

Shane Kerr

Shane Kerr

Organisation and role:
Chair of EdTechNZ,– Strategy and Innovation Lead at Augen Software Group

How many people live in your household?
Two adults

How many connected devices do you have in your house (total)?
12 connected devices:

  • 2x laptops
  • 2x mobile phones
  • 2x tablets
  • 2x e-readers
  • 2x smart watches
  • 1x smart TV
  • 1x connected heat pump

Which connected device do you use the most often?
Mobile phone

If different from above, which is your favourite, and why?
My laptop because it is the most versatile.

What do you think will be the next connected device that you introduce into your household, and why?
Probably an IoT (Internet of Things) appliance such as a refrigerator, only for the reason that it’s the most likely next home purchase we’ll make, which also happens to be connected.

Is there a piece of connected home tech that you don’t currently have, but you would like? (Either a device that already exists, or something that you would like to be invented)
Currently there is nothing missing that would materially impact my daily life such as a significant improvement in convenience.

In your experience, what sort of impact has the rise of connected devices had on your life and/or household?
Convenience. It’s the fact that I can do pretty much anything, anywhere. I try and do as much as possible digitally. I hate paper and the need to print anything like receipts, tickets and shopping lists.

What connected devices do you rely on most to do your job?
In order, first my laptop, then mobile phone (I don’t have a landline) and my tablet.

How many connected devices do you have in your household? Tell us here.

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