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Sneak peek: How many connected devices does NZTech CEO Graeme Muller have?

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10 March 2020

Graeme for Techweek profile

Name: Graeme Muller

Organisation and role: NZTech CEO


How many people live in your household?

Two adults and one 10-year-old child.


How many connected devices do you have in your house (total)?

10 connected devices:

  • 2x laptops
  • 1x chrome book (our daughter uses this for school)
  • Smart speakers (Alexa and Google)
  • 2x mobile phones
  • 1x iPad
  • Apple TV
  • A light which is connected to WIFI and can be controlled via our phone to change colour and brightness

Which connected device do you use the most often?

Mobile phone, followed by laptop.  My working week includes meetings and regular travel so I need to be able to access everything online.  Ideally, I use my laptop, but often resort to my phone. 


If different from above, which is your favourite, and why?

My favourite is our Sonos speakers connected via Alexa.  Being able to just ask for some music and it plays is so convenient.


What do you think will be the next connected device that you introduce into your household, and why?

I do a lot of running, so it would be great to have a smart watch to see how I’m going.


Is there a piece of connected home tech that you don’t currently have, but you would like? (Either a device that already exists, or something that you would like to be invented)

Voice activated My Food Bag or Hello Fresh would be great.  Imagine coming home and asking what’s for dinner!


In your experience, what sort of impact has the rise of connected devices had on your life and/or household?

The rise of connected devices has had a major impact on my working and home life.  In recent years, combined with faster internet it has definitely increased my efficiency.  But you have to be able to turn them off otherwise you’ll never have peace!

How many connected devices do you have in your household? Tell us here.

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