Sneak peek: How many connected devices does TechWomen’s Co-Chair Eva Sherwood have?

Sneak peek: How many connected devices does TechWomen’s Co-Chair Eva Sherwood have?

Eva Sherwood

Organisation and role:
Co-chair of TechWomen and Associate Director at Deloitte Digital.

How many people live in your household?
Three adults.

How many connected devices do you have in your house (total)?
66 connected devices:

  • 4x computers/laptops
  • 4x mobile phones/tablets
  • 2x e-readers
  • 2x smartwatches
  • 2x GPS trackers (for our cats)
  • 5x security cameras
  • 2x smart TV
  • 45x smart lights

Which connected device do you use the most often?
Mobile phone, followed closely by laptop and when I’m at home, the TV.

If different from above, which is your favourite, and why?
Our Phillips Hue smart lights are the best! They can be programmed to come on at certain times of the day and set to warm or cool light depending on your mood. They are LED so there’s no heat and you can insulate right over the top of them.

What do you think will be the next connected device that you introduce into your household, and why?
We are about to install automated blinds in our main living area. We will be able to open and close all the blinds with one click. We will also be able to automate this when we are on holiday, providing more security when we are away. This will be eight more connected devices, bringing our total to 74!

Is there a piece of connected home tech that you don’t currently have, but you would like? (Either a device that already exists, or something that you would like to be invented)
I would like to say goodbye to house keys and install a smart door so you can control people coming and going from the house.

In your experience, what sort of impact has the rise of connected devices had on your life and/or household?
Efficiency in accessing content whenever and wherever you are in the house has been the biggest change. Although, sometimes I have to remind myself to put down the devices and enjoy the peace of unplugging.

What connected devices do you rely on most to do your job?
I rely on my laptop the most. I could live without my mobile phone, but not having a full screen and keyboard would make working very hard.

How many connected devices do you have in your household? Tell us here.

By Team Techweek


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