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Supporting those returning to work is a win-win for everyone!

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14 May 2021

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At ANZ, everything we do boils down to our purpose - "to shape a world where people and communities thrive.”  Our Return to Work Program does just this - an initiative designed for people who have taken a career break and would like guidance and support transitioning back into the workforce.  

We’re interested in people from diverse backgrounds, people who have taken two years or more off work for whatever reason. 

It’s about helping you thrive, giving you the opportunity to reignite your career.

It’s also about bringing your whole self to work - recognising the value of your persona as a whole so we focus on the entire person, not just the skills.  We can do this because we create a mentoring/coaching experience that involves building core professional and technology skills, and we have received positive feedback on this. 

We’ve also found that individuals who have had career breaks have plenty of motivation and good work practices but experience ‘imposter syndrome’ or lack confidence in their skills –we can guide these individuals and help support them back into the workforce.  We provide space to get on board and reconnect to the industry, creating the opportunity to build confidence whilst learning new skills.

We provide flexible options on hours and facilitate working from home; with a focus on roles in Wellington and Auckland where we can provide great learning and supportive environments - our tech shop is mainly based here and we understand the value of face to face connection when learning.

Why is it important for large organisations to lead programs like this? 

Talent is found from many pathways but exploring the untapped pathway of curiosity and growth mindset is an opportunity that is too valuable to ignore. 

It’s also the right thing to do! 

We are one of only a few large organisations in New Zealand who invest in talent in this way and that needs to change.  This year, we received 264 applications.  That’s 264 talented individuals with a passion to be a part of New Zealand’s technology industry. 

Diversity and inclusivity is something we are proud of focusing on within ANZ and is a key element behind the culture of our 1,600 Technology team members.  Welcoming people who offer perspectives based on life experience and innate curiosity will only add to our team and our ability to help our customers and communities thrive with products and processes built on a broadened understanding that only a diverse and inclusive team can deliver.

Emma Parker

Emma Parker is ANZ Tech’s Transformation Manager guiding, supporting and delivering Tech Capability and Talent initiatives. Emma leads ANZ Technology's partnerships with Tertiary and talent programs such as Summer of Tech, ICT, AUT and Tupu Toa.  Emma’s work on the Return to Work programme is alongside Rachel Tebbutt and Grace Taikato

ANZ’s Tech Return to Work Program is part of ANZ’s larger Talent Pathways which encompass Grads and Internships.  The Tech Return to Work Program opportunities exist within ANZ’s Technology team and extend across the globe in Melbourne (Australia), Bengaluru (India) and Wellington/Auckland (New Zealand).  For more information contact Emma Parker

Join Emma and Grace for Techweek TV: Future ways of working with TechTalent - Tuesday 25 May, 9am.

ANZ is a Festival Partner of Techweek 2021.

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