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Techweek TV 2018: Creative Realities

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16 July 2018

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On Thursday 24 May, we made it to Wellington, where Mike and Raj livestreamed on facebook for another two hours, this time talking to the inspiring innovators taking the stage at Creative Realities — a conference all about the tech buzzwords AR/VR, AI, Blockchain. Watch below.

Hear Denise Chapman Weston talk about why you should never stop playing

Hear Tim Nunn of TradeMe Jobs talk about how to find the job for you in the digital age

Hear Benjamin Dunn of Swibo talk about gamifying health

Hear Dan Lemmon of Weta Digital talk about the work that's won him Oscars

Hear Jessica Manins of Mixt talk about bringing Creative Realities to life

Hear G. Thomas Esmay of SingularDTV talk about taking on Netflix with blockchain

Hear Jessie Armstrong of Vaka Interactiv talk about using tech to engage people with culture

Hear Ben Markby of Oddboy talk about going viral



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