Techweek TV: The Fourth Revolution

Techweek TV: The Fourth Revolution

On Friday 25 May, our final stop was the Tait Technology Centre, where The Fourth Revolution explored the state of New Zealand's manufacturing industry. The Techweek TV team were there to capture all the insights from speakers and founder. Watch below.

Hear keynote speaker Olaf Diegel talk about his passion, 3D printing

Hear Rupert Deans of Plattar talk about disrupting manufacturing

Hear Iain Hosie of Revolution Fibres talk about sonic electrospinning

Hear Sarah Morgan of NZ Story talk about about why storytelling is key to business success

Hear Sue Bradley of Beca talk about diversity in technology and engineering

Hear Brett Cottle of Vertigo Technologies talk about his start-up, Vertigo Technologies

Hear Amelia Diggle of Human Interface Jewellery talk about 3D printing precious metals for tech women across the country

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