The Techweek’17 programme is taking shape, and we are so excited to present a diverse range of events that explore the ways New Zealand industries are answering global questions. 6-14 May, 2017.

Submissions have been streaming in, and we are excited to announce the Techweek‘17 programme has more than 100 events tentatively scheduled already. This year’s programme is focused on the ways we can use technology, design and innovation to find solutions to the challenges facing the world. Events will fit into five world-changing streams:

Next Generation - focusing on youth, education, and creating future leaders. 
Equality - tackling the global issue of diversity and inequality. 
The Future of Food - rethinking food systems, production and philosophies.
Environmental Shift - concerning climate change and creating healthy, physical environments. 
Scaling Impact - technologies and business models for sustainable growth and global impact.

During Techweek‘17, you'll be attending hackathons, debates, workshops, livestreams, and awards ceremonies. You'll see inspirational speakers, experience new technologies, and take advantage of a whole week of stellar networking opportunities.

Here’s a sneak peek of just a handful of the events we have planned:

Farming 2020

“Agtech is one of New Zealand’s fastest growing, most exciting innovation sectors. It’s an area where we can truly say we’re leading the world”- Peter Wren Hilton.

This event will showcase the best and most inventive New Zealand-made Agtech. And with the inclusion of school groups and a follow-up youth hackathon based on data collected during the event, this one truly covers all the major Techweek’17 streams.

Talking Techweek Everywhere podcast

Popular tech podcast, Access Granted, goes on the road during Techweek‘17 to meet founders, inventors and personalities across the country. They will be looking for inspiring stories of success, failure and everything in between. It’s perfect for listening in, or catching them for a chance to tell your own story.

Blockchain for health and education

In Techweek next May we will be talking about how blockchain technology can be used to disrupt and re-imagine education and health systems.  Following on from this year's hugely successful Ethereum. NZ event the team from 3months & BlockchainLabs. NZ will host a bigger/better event and bring over leading international experts.

If you’ve got a great idea for an exciting Techweek event that fits one of our five content streams, we want to hear about it! You can submit your Techweek'17 event concept here.


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