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General event submissions for Techweek19 open in January 2019 — this post is specifically for event organisers who would like their event to be considered as part of Techweek19's 'Programme Highlights'. This is a manual process curated by the Techweek Team. Here's the lowdown on what it's all about... 

What are Programme Highlights?

Programme Highlights are a curated selection of events that will feature prominently in Techweek19 marketing activity and receive additional support from the Techweek Team. They have stricter criteria than our general events (for which submissions open in January 2019). View the Programme Highlights criteria >>

There are two main categories for Techweek19 events: The first is ‘Inspire’, which includes events for all New Zealanders who are interested in technology but don't know much about it, providing a safe space for discovery. These events might be expos, talks, panel discussions, product launches or demos.

The second category is ‘Build Capability’ — designed to give your attendees some industry insights or knowledge that they can use in their workplaces and careers. These events are more likely to be workshops, hackathons or conferences designed for business owners, professionals and tertiary students.

How can your event become a Programme Highlight?

The submission process for Programme Highlights begins when you connect with your local coordinator and the Techweek Team through the Techweek19 Discussion Forum — it's a place to ask questions, flesh out ideas, network with others and get your event Techweek19 ready! You can also view the Programme Highlights criteria to decide whether your event will be the right fit. 

Once you've made that initial connection, you'll be provided with a link to the Programme Highlights submission form, so we can find out key details about your event and review against our criteria. Once you've been accepted, we'll be in touch one-on-one to help you prepare your event listing for publishing. 

Join the conversation in the Discussion Forum >>

Note that general festival event submissions for Techweek19 open in January and are open to anyone who would like to run a tech or innovation event during the week. The criteria for general submissions is much less strict than for the Programme Highlights tier. 

What kind of events are we looking for? 

We're looking for a variety of events across the country that have a clearly defined purpose that aligns with the ‘Inspire’ or ‘Build Capability’ event categories. These events could take any format — from large-scale conferences and awards ceremonies to expos and hackathons. Event sizes in this category will also vary, however, it's most likely they'll be aiming to attract a medium or large audience, and that the event content will offer a clear value for attendees. To be included as a Programme Highlight, we encourage you to involve industry-expert speakers who can share their knowledge with your attendees.

A really important criteria for Techweek19 is to ensure all our Programme Highlights events embrace diversity and fairly reflect the diversity within New Zealand society. We're asking all event organisers for Techweek19 to meet a 'diversity pledge' by ensuring their speaker line-ups include at least 50% women and 10% Maori and Pacific Islanders. We believe the technology sector should be leading the way when it comes to diversity, and ensuring fair representation on speaker line-ups and in panels at events is a crucial part of this. 

There are limited spaces available within the Techweek19 Programme Highlights tier, so we encourage you to apply sooner rather than later, and be aware that Programme Highlights submissions close on December 14, 2018.

Why is it worth considering?

Techweek19 is New Zealand’s annual festival of innovation that’s good for the world, and no other festival in the world unites an entire nation on the topic of innovation for a week. That alone is a special thing to be part of. 

When your event becomes a featured ‘Programme Highlight’ for Techweek19 you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Featured listing on the Techweek19 digital programme at
  • Administrative assistance from the Techweek19 team with your event listing
  • Boosted Facebook post on TechweekNZ channel*
  • Inclusion in Techweek19 promotional flyer*
  • Inclusion in the programme highlights blog*
  • Pull-up banner to display at your event*   
  • Techweek19 representative to attend your event*

In addition to the benefits all Techweek19 event organisers receive: 

  • Festival pack with promotional material (posters, t-shirt)
  • Access to digital resources pack with supporting collateral
  • Use of Techweek19 Official Event badge

Please note: *Terms and conditions apply – subject to availability. Deadline dates apply   


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