Techweek19 — everything you need to know about Programme Highlights

Techweek19 — everything you need to know about Programme Highlights
Thank you to everyone who submitted a Programme Highlight event, submissions have now closed. However, if you think you have a Programme Highlight event idea, please contact the Techweek team via email. General festival submissions open in early February.

What are Programme Highlights?

Programme Highlights are a curated selection of events that will feature prominently in the Techweek19 programme. 

There are two main categories for Techweek19 events. The first is ‘Inspire’, which includes events for all New Zealanders who are interested in technology but don't know much about it, providing a safe space for discovery. These events might be expos, talks, panel discussions, product launches or demos.

The second category is ‘Build Capability’, designed to give attendees some industry insights or knowledge to use in their workplaces and careers. These events are more likely to be workshops, hackathons or conferences, and aimed at business owners, professionals and tertiary students.

How are Programme Highlights chosen?

Event organisers have worked with their Regional Community Coordinator, as well as the Techweek Team, to create high value events for attendees. If an event meets the Programme Highlights criteria, and aligns well with the purpose of Techweek19, it will be accepted and featured in the festival programme - Techweek Team endorsed, if you will!

What kind of events can I expect? 

These events could take any format – from large-scale conferences and awards ceremonies to expos and hackathons – but will have a clearly defined purpose that aligns with the ‘Inspire’ or ‘Build Capability’ event categories. Our Programme Highlights events will also cover a broad range of topics and aim to reflect the diversity within New Zealand society.

We've asked all event organisers to commit to a diversity pledge because we believe the technology sector should be leading the way when it comes to diversity – which includes ensuring fair representation on speaker line-ups and in panels.

By Team Techweek

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