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Techweek2020 – Connecting our future

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4 June 2020


Techweek exists to showcase and empower the New Zealand technology and innovation ecosystem - ensuring it truly thrives.  Each year this happens through nationwide series of events, that provide a platform for everyone to meet, share ideas and create connections.

Techweek18 and Techweek19 were focussed on ’innovation that’s good for the world’. New Zealand tech and innovation that generates world changing ideas to help solve some of the biggest challenges and needs of our world.

Techweek2020 is an evolution of this direction, the new theme ’connecting our future’ acknowledges the importance of New Zealand tech and innovation in shaping our future. Using three core pillars: business, community and education we demonstrate how connecting our future comes to life.

Connecting Business

Supporting and building business relationships, collaborations, capability and talent. Across the spectrum from start-up entrepreneurs to major corporates, intern to CEO, and everyone in between.

Connecting Community 

Helping make technology available and accessible to everyone. So that New Zealand’s diverse and multi-cultural communities can all engage with and benefit from technology.

Connecting Education 

Ensuring the future is in safe hands, by providing learning opportunities and encouraging vocational pathways into technology. Plus attracting, inspiring and growing talent.

The positive outcomes of helping to connect and enable business, community and education has a major impact for our regions, New Zealand and the greater world. 

Techweek2020 is excited about this year’s events, we truly believe they engage and inspire an even wider audience with richer experiences ‘connecting our future’.


Be part of Techweek2020 - curate your Techweek 2020 event calendar now. 

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