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The accelerating trend of Digital Commerce

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19 July 2020

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By Clare Wilson, General Manager of International, NZTE

In a world where borders are closed, exporters cannot get to market to pursue traditional business opportunities. 

With 54 offices around the world and in New Zealand, Te Taurapa Tūhono, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, is uniquely positioned to help our exporters to leverage digital commerce to compete internationally.

In many markets around the world, digital was already a way of life.  For New Zealand exporters, the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the trend towards digital – it is now a must-have feature of any export business. 

NZTE is an organisation filled with passionate people with local and regional knowledge who add value by telling people, in an objective way, what is going on in their market.

When we talk about digital commerce, we mean more than just an e-commerce platform like Amazon or Alibaba. 

Digital commerce is the journey of marketing, selling and capturing value online, either globally or locally. It enables consumers/B2B buyers to discover, investigate, view, compare features and prices, review, personally discuss, order, buy and/or pay for goods and services which are then dispatched and delivered in a reasonable time. It also includes the opportunity to agree to continuing communications to embed longer-term relationships.

The coronavirus pandemic has shown us that of the export businesses we work with, those who can communicate with the end consumer have fared better.  They understand their consumer needs and can use digital platforms, such as social media, to communicate to their consumer – explaining delays in shipping or stock shortages and maintaining brand loyalty throughout the crisis. 

At NZTE, we have a global network of Beachhead advisors who are private sector consultants with valuable expertise in exporting or entrepreneurship.  Beachhead advisors provide market-specific advice to the export businesses we work with when they have a need, challenge or strategy to be developed. 

At Techweek2020, NZTE is sharing its international knowledge with our Unlocking Global Opportunities series on TechweekTV.  The seven events in the series profile digital commerce opportunities in the regions with our Regional Directors and their key contacts.

We are also launching our new event series “Digitally Speaking” which will premiere at Techweek2020 with a conversation with growth stage investor and former All Blacks Captain David Kirk.

I hope you’ll join us at Techweek2020 for a further look at how NZTE can inspire and support New Zealand exporters on their digital journey.  Take a look at the NZTE Playlist for the full listing of our Techweek2020 events.

 NZTE is a Strategic Partner of Techweek2020. Check out their events here

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