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Toi Mai Workforce Development Council presents: the Toi Whānui digital technologies vocational workforce development plan

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17 May 2024

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Have your say on what’s needed for New Zealand’s digital technology vocational workforce and training.


Toi Mai Workforce Development Council has published Te Wao Toi Whānui | The Toi Whānui Forest, the workforce development plan (WDP) for vocational training for New Zealand’s advanced digital technology sector.

The WDP highlights the challenges and opportunities in attracting, training and retaining Toi Whānui employees and is the result of engagements with technology businesses, government, rangatahi, learners, employees, education providers and members of the Pacific and tāngata whaikaha communities – combined with research and data to produce insights on what is needed to ensure a thriving workforce and productive digital technologies industry.

Wider consultation on the WDP is open until 10 June 2024 and Toi Mai invites the sector to have their say.

Your feedback will inform the final actions, recommendations and advice to the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC), and other agencies, and the actions and recommendations will be aligned to industry and workforce training to 2035.


The WDP will be available from Monday 20 May. Visit www.toimai.nz to read Te Wao Toi Whānui | The Toi Whānui Forest and be sure to provide your feedback via the online survey.


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