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Turbocharging NZ innovation connections: One year of Scale-Up NZ

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30 June 2020

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Whether it’s entrepreneurs finding their niches or corporate executives exploring new markets, building deep connections quickly is an essential skill when growing a business. Scale-Up NZ is a freely available source of verified information about innovative Kiwi businesses that makes it easier for users to connect with key players and to drive business growth.

Callaghan Innovation launched Scale-Up NZ in April 2019 with ambitious goals of accurately showcasing key players in the innovation ecosystem and how they intersect, and enabling connectivity across a diverse range of NZ businesses and organisations.

Here are some highlights from Scale-Up NZ’s first year:

More than 180 ‘COVID-19 support’ businesses profiled

To support the COVID-19 response, the Scale-Up NZ team added a ‘coronavirus’ tag, to highlight businesses that have indicated they can provide support or have capability specific to COVID-19. To date more than 180 profiles have this coronavirus tag.  Many businesses have been adapting their technology to aid in the crisis response, including diagnostic platform provider Orbis Diagnostics, that’s been expanding its technology to test large groups at once for COVID-19. Other businesses found greater relevance for their product during COVID-19, including Mentemia, whose digital platform aims to improve mental wellbeing.

Scale-Up NZ helps to boost the visibility of these businesses to potential investors and partners. We’ve also created an infographic to clearly mark what category the business operates in, to help potential investors make relevant connections.

More than 1,300 companies profiled, mapped using more than 1,200 tags

Scale-Up NZ aims to showcase Kiwi innovation across a wide range of sectors and throughout NZ. We want to help people recognise and benefit from the diversity and potential of NZ’s innovation community.

The Scale-Up NZ team has mapped more than 1,300 businesses throughout NZ, using more than 1,200 different tags, creating a diverse networking platform for cross-sector collaboration. James Simmonds, Director at Napier-based Webfox Developments, calls Scale-Up NZ ‘a great incubator for creative minds to come together’. When Simmonds was looking for a business partner, he found Daniel Xu of artificial intelligence (AI) company, Spark 64, through Scale-Up NZ. Together the two businesses have evolved Webfox Development’s product offering through AI.

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Like Webfox Developments and Spark 64, all Scale-Up NZ companies share an innovative nature and growth mindset. Businesses can use Scale-Up NZ to easily identify like-minded partners, and to build connections that enable significant business impact and growth.

Connecting businesses of all sizes: From one employee to thousands

Scale-Up NZ profiles companies of all ages, stages and size, from startups developing their product in a garage, through to established corporates with thousands of employees. The diversity of innovators on the platform allows for collaboration between players from diverse and disparate backgrounds.

“Scale-Up NZ enables large companies with scale and resources to easily form valuable partnerships with smaller companies that have speed, agility and new ideas,” says Nathan Soich, head of marketing at Facteon.

For example, if a small startup has a great idea for a specific aspect of the COVID-19 response, they can use Scale-Up NZ to connect with larger businesses with the resources and capacity to execute that idea. Further, corporates can use the platform to find and connect with verified local startups that can generate growth and identify new opportunities in adjacent markets.

Scale-Up NZ has established a simple way to generate valuable and lasting partnerships between innovative businesses, investors and hubs in NZ. Check out Scale-Up NZ to see how the platform could benefit your business and to sign up for free.

Callaghan Innovation is a Strategic Partner of Techweek2020. Check out their Techweek TV episodes here

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