Why get involved with Techweek?

Techweek is a nationwide festival of tech and innovation. We strive to showcase the New Zealand tech sector during the week of 27 July to 2 August. 

Here are some key reasons to get involved:

- Leverage the Techweek brand and assets on your website, newsletters, and even your venue to showcase yourself as an official Techweek event, and benefit from our Techweek2020 marketing activities. 

- Connect with our extensive network to build on your own, without doing the hard yards. Get social and tag us @techweeknz to extend your reach and audience (we're social butterflies, so you'll find us with that handle on most platforms).

- Looking for an expert in a particular area? The Techweek team has plenty of thought leaders and keynote speakers on speed dial. Use the Techweek Discussion Forum to let us know what sort of expert you are after. 

- Get access to our ticketing partners! This year we have partnered with Humanitix and iTicket to get you the best ticketing rates and systems for our event organisers that integrate with our website. 

- Engage with our Techweek Regional Coordinators who can help with making local connections and provide hands-on support throughout the event planning and delivery stages.

- Joining the Techweek event organiser community means connecting in to a nationwide network of inspiring movers and shakers who are helping strengthen the innovation ecosystem in New Zealand. The Techweek platform harnesses the power of the community to help you make your event the best it can be, by connecting you with the people you need to make it happen.

Discussion Forum

Remember to get on the Techweek Discussion Forum to talk to your regional coordinator, other event organisers, and connect with the wider tech network. You can find available venues and speakers, or just use the channels to bounce some ideas around.

Techweek Event Listing Fee

This year we have standardised the listing fee across all events to ensure it is the same for everyone. The listing fee for TW20 is $49.00 + GST per event. This must be paid before your event will be published on the Techweek website. 

By Team Techweek

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