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Why you should run a Techweek2020 event

Event Tips

By techweek Techweek

18 May 2020

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Every year New Zealand’s tech community comes together for a week-long festival of events which showcases and celebrates New Zealand innovation. But Techweek is for all New Zealanders, not just those in the tech industry. These seven days of events provide many opportunities for people to engage with tech, whether they want to be educated, entertained or inspired.  

Just as most things are looking a little different this year, Techweek will have a slightly different flavour in 2020 with only digital events part of the programme. However, these digital offerings open up new possibilities with larger national (and international) audiences, and fewer logistics for event organisers.

Here are four reasons why you should get in on the action.


There’s no denying that it is easier to arrange a digital event than a physical one. With no need for a venue, health and safety plan, catering or travel, digital events are simpler and cheaper. The digital nature also means that there is a lot less to organise on the day. Digital events can be created and delivered quickly, without massive investment or risk.

If you’re new to running digital events, check out our advice on platforms you can use for running digital eventshow to create a webinar from scratch and tips to ensure a successful event

The events industry is constantly evolving, so make sure you are future-proofing your career by getting the hang of running digital events. There’s no better time than now during Techweek2020. 

Expand your audience

The beauty of a digital event is that anyone can attend, no matter where they live. All of a sudden your potential audience has massively increased, and providing there are no capacity limits on your chosen platform, you can reach hundreds or even thousands of people. 

Not only that, being able to record your event and make it available on demand (something that many platforms offer) means that you can ensure your content is available to watch after the event, which is perfect for people who live in different time zones. 

Just as your audience is now bigger, so is your pool of potential speakers, as it is no longer necessary for your speakers or panelists to be in the same location as the event. 

Amplify your event

In 2019, 46,000 people attended Techweek events. By including your digital event as part of Techweek2020, you will benefit from a national marketing campaign and a huge audience hungry for innovative and engaging content. 

It’s simple to list your event on the Techweek website. Find out more here

We’re here to help

Techweek has a network of regional coordinators around the country who are able to assist you in creating your event. In addition to the regional coordinators, the Techweek Discussion Forum enables you to connect and collaborate with other event organisers. If you need a speaker on a certain topic, or are looking for advice on what platform to use, post your question on the Techweek Discussion Forum and someone will help you.  

The theme of Techweek2020 is connecting our future, and with the current COVID-crisis, it has never been clearer that the future is digital. Now’s the time to embrace - and celebrate - it. We’d love for you to join us at Techweek2020. 


Submit your digital event, or pop into the Discussion Forum to get some ideas. See you in Techweek2020!

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