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23 Nov 2021

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NZ space company Rocket Lab has reached orbit for the first time

23 Jan 2018

The best way to spend a quiet summer Sunday in New Zealand? Launching three satellites into orbit, of course.    Liftoff from Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1.

Submit your Techweek'18 event now

23 Jan 2018

<p>The events you run during Techweek foster growth across industries and sectors, and help to build New Zealand’s reputation as a global innovation hub.</p>

Q&A with future of foods strategist Dr. Rosie Bosworth

23 Jan 2018

We chatted to future of foods strategist Dr.

Why robots will grow your fruit in the future

14 Dec 2017

<p>Meet Robotics Plus, a Tauranga-based company developing robotics to feed the world.</p>

5 minutes with Priti Ambani

6 Dec 2017

As an engineer, researcher, entrepreneur, educator and mum, Priti Ambani wears many different hats.

5 minutes with Carolyn Tremain

27 Nov 2017

<p>We caught up with MBIE’s acting chief executive Carolyn Tremain to talk about how MBIE is working to grow New Zealand’s tech sector and boost our country’s international reputation as a tech-savvy hub where world-leading solutions are born.</p>

Building a festival | How we chose the topics for Techweek'18

24 Nov 2017

<p>Mind-reading is cool, but so are lasers. Here's how we began to make sense of the New Zealand tech landscape ahead of Techweek'18.</p>

A New Zealand agritech win-win-win

23 Nov 2017

There are many mysteries in the universe, but thanks to a clever piece of Kiwi-designed agritech, knowing when to treat a sheep for worms is no longer one of them.

Introducing | Techweek Discovery

1 Nov 2017

In May 2017, Techweek became a nationwide festival.

5 minutes with Vic Crone

1 Nov 2017

In 2018, Techweek is focusing its stories and event programme on one simple idea: Innovation that’s good for the world.

Meet the team | Courteney Peters

31 Oct 2017

Meet Courteney, Techweek18's Marketing and Communications Manager Explain your role at Techweek in one sentence  I'm the guardian of the Techweek brand, and I get to gather awesome success stories from across…

Meet the team | Jennifer Clamp

31 Oct 2017

Meet our fearless leader, Techweek18's National Director, Jennifer Clamp.