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23 Nov 2021

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Meet the team | Alicia Northridge

31 Oct 2017

Meet Alicia, Techweek18's Festival Manager. Here she is with the Techweek'18 mascot, Elphias Doge.

Meet the team | Perrin Reilly

30 Oct 2017

<p>I left school when I was 15 to become an electrician. School and I just didn't go well together. </p>

Innovation that's good for the world at Techweek'18

5 Oct 2017

In 2018, Techweek is focusing its stories and event programme on one simple idea: Innovation that’s good for the world.

10 strategies for start-ups at events

5 Oct 2017

This guest post was written by Ben Woolf of ANDi, a UK-based mobile gaming hub.

5 ways to win at networking

16 Aug 2017

<p>5 ways to win at networking at Techweek next year.</p>

Techweek'17 | The Recap

26 May 2017

It was 9 days actually – an extended week during which we saw 287 events running in 24 locations across the country.

Women in Tech at Techweek'17

11 May 2017

<p>Women in technology and innovation at Techweek'17</p>

The Future of Food at Techweek'17

9 May 2017

In 2017, for the first time ever, the Metro Restaurant of the Year Awards in Auckland featured a category called “food for good" (it went to Ponsonby's Orphans Kitchen).

Scaling NZ ideas for global impact.

28 Feb 2017

<h5>Exploring ways to cultivate NZ business’, ideas and thinking for sustainable impact on a global scale.</h5><p> </p>

Techweek'17 | Answers and questions

8 Dec 2016

<p>The Techweek’17 programme is taking shape, and we are so excited to present a diverse range of events that explore the ways New Zealand industries are answering global questions. 6-14 May, 2017.</p>

Plugging into GridAKL

20 May 2016

Connection. Collaboration. Co-working. It’s a big deal these days and almost a rite of passage for many startups as they navigate the challenging world of technology and innovation.

Between 7&8 | A.J. Bertenshaw of Serato

16 May 2016

Between 7&8 is an informal on the couch session capturing meaningful insight into hearts and minds of our thought leaders to provide inspiration and education. - YouTube