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NZ's Tech Story

The New Zealand Tech and Innovation Story (Tech Story) is a marketing initiative designed to enhance our international reputation for delivering world-class solutions and present New Zealand as a compelling place for tech talent and investment.

Discover how we are inspired to put tomorrow first.


New Zealand brings a unique perspective to how we think about and use technology. It’s a perspective the world needs now, more than ever to help create technology that will build a better tomorrow.

Our Tech Story, We See Tomorrow First, is a marketing initiative, created in collaboration with industry and government, that delivers a compelling, consistent way of promoting our tech capabilities to the world. Its aim is to help our tech businesses grow by attracting investment, talent and global sales.  

 We See Tomorrow First was launched on 22 February by Minister Clark. Discover our Tech Story, why it’s important and how to use it. View our Go Live event, hosted by NZ Story's David Downs here.  Plus, visit the We See Tomorrow First website to explore our key messages.  You can also view the digital toolkit at NZ Story here


Here are some simple ways you can make the Story your own: 


How was We See Tomorrow First developed?

Tech is one of our largest export earners, but global awareness of our capability is low. Despite the growth of our tech industry, international research tells us that New Zealand is not typically associated as a place where tech comes from. We See Tomorrow First is informed by the Māori intergenerational value of kaitiakitanga, or guardianship. This value inspires us to care for people and place, thinking about the world we want to leave for our children and future generations to come. It’s this mindset of responsibility that leads our businesses to create tech for a better tomorrow. 


What’s next?

We’re showcasing We See Tomorrow First during Techweek22, so watch this space!  We’re also activating the Story regionally via regional Economic Development Agencies, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) and NZ Story.  We are currently planning an international activation and will be working closely with NZTE teams in key regions to scope, research and co-design with New Zealand tech companies a targeted marketing campaign. This will commence with a pilot programme in one of our priority markets to achieve our key objectives; attracting investment, talent and increasing exports for New Zealand tech businesses.  Our vision is that the Tech Story will have a long lasting, positive impact for our tech businesses and New Zealand.  


Visit https://www.seetomorrowfirst.nz/