Discover the country that's innovating for a better world. Join us in Auckland for the official opening of the Techweek'18 Headline series
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Techweek NZ Headline Event

What's it all about?

Discover the country that's innovating for a better world. Join us in Auckland for the official opening of the Techweek'18 Headline series, the Good for the World Open Days, delivered in partnership with Trans Tasman Business Circle.

Be part of the full two day event in Auckland - Good for the World Open Days - or select from one or more of the sessions within the programme - the choice is yours! Click on the 'TICKETS' button and make your selection.

If you're on board for the full Good for the World Open Days event, begin your Techweek journey at the official opening event, 9am on 21 May. You'll hear from New Zealand thought leaders and innovators as they discuss the importance of innovation that's good for the world, and the role that New Zealand has to play in harnessing new technologies to create a better world for future generations. This three-hour event is an entry point to New Zealand's innovation ecosystem, discover its unique connectedness, its novel approach to doing business, and its driving force: solving global problems.

This opening event is followed by a day and a half deep-dive into New Zealand’s unique, interconnected innovation ecosystem, featuring panels, workshops and talks hosted by companies across Auckland on varied topics from AI to design-thinking, from blockchain to the future of work.

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Techweek NZ Headline Event


Iain Hosie is CEO and co-founder of Revolution Fibres Ltd, a global leader in nanofibre production. He leads the innovation team, business development, sales and marketing activities of the business. Iain has a BSc (biochemistry) from Massey University, and has a working background in environmental health, government policy, product development and sales. Iain is a passionate advocate for nanofibre and its possibilities in many sectors; and is equally passionate about NZ Science and Innovation being commercialized in both domestic and international markets.
Peter Beck is the founder and CEO of Rocket Lab, an orbital launch company revolutionizing access to space for small satellites. Peter is responsible for the birth of the space industry in New Zealand and has grown Rocket Lab to become a globally recognised industry leader in space.

Peter led a team of engineers to develop the ĀTEA-1 rocket in 2009, a launch that saw Rocket Lab become the first private company in the Southern Hemisphere to reach space. In 2013 Peter established the Electron orbital launch programme to develop the world's first fully carbon-composite launch vehicle, powered by the world's first 3D printed, electric turbopump-fed rocket engine.

Peter played an instrumental role in establishing international treaties and legislation, which enabled orbital launch capability from New Zealand. He also oversaw the development of the first and only private orbital launch range on the globe, located on New Zealand's Mahia Peninsula.

Today, Peter has built a billion dollar company and leads a 200-strong team comprised of world class engineers and technicians across New Zealand and the United States. With its first successful orbital launch completed in January 2018 and many more to follow, Rocket Lab is driving the small satellite launch revolution.
Techweek NZ Headline Event


08.00am - 08.40am
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Techweek NZ Headline Event

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