Beca Tech Showcase

Virtual reality, lady bug 360 degree camera, survey laser scanners and drone demos in real world engineering applications.
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Please note: this event is managed by an event organiser independent to Techweek. Techweek is not responsible for the event content, ticketing process and/or the health and safety of attendees at the event.

A demonstration of virtual reality software, lady bug 360 degree camera, survey laser scanners and drones in real world engineering applications to get Engineering Students excited about the prospect of using some innovative technology in their future careers and to expose people to the technology Beca has to offer, to capture their imagination about all the cool things we do that can ‘make everyday better’.

Beca is one of the largest employee-owned professional services consultancies in New Zealand, offering everything from engineering, architecture and planning services, to project and cost management, software technology and valuation services.

Our dedicated Dunedin team of specialists focus on understanding your business, delivering your projects and adding value to our region.

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