Deconstruct the new Digital Technologies curriculum Collaborative Workshop for Years 0-6 teachers and students

Come and learn about how systems thinking, supports a strong foundation for the new digital technologies curriculum.
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Afternoon Workshop-Digital Sandpit:

Come and learn about how systems thinking supports a strong foundation for the new digital technologies curriculum.

Learn about and understand how inputs transform into outputs. Learn what black box concepts are and how they are key to the transformation into an output. What role does feedback have in a system? Expand your technological literacy and the possibilities for the development of a local curriculum back at school. Use the minds of our expert facilitators to guide you and support your workshop fun and experience

The second part of this session you will deconstruct (literally) a Tech outcome, putting your new found understandings of systems into practice.

A fun learning experience that will enable an enjoyable and unforgettable foundation to the world of digital technologies.

Year 0-6, max 30 (students & teachers)

10 schools - 1 teacher, brings 2-3 students 

Teacher/Students - Ako – learning together & Tuakana Teina

Cost: $140 +gst for each school group; 1 teacher plus up to 3 students

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