ECLI: The system that saves lives

When innovative minds collaborate, they turn data into life-saving information.
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The Emergency Caller Location Information (ECLI) is a game-changer system for emergency services, as it enables them to determine the exact location of a distressed person even when the caller is unable to speak, the call is cut-off or they don’t know their whereabouts.

The system is a unique collaboration between the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), Emergency Service Providers (New Zealand Police, New Zealand Fire Service, St John and Wellington Free Ambulance) and Mobile Network Operators (Spark, 2degrees and Vodafone).

Come around and learn how exactly the system works, the real-life impact it has had on New Zealanders, and the legal measures that have been carefully agreed to protect our privacy rights along with our lives.

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Ben is a programme manager with a broad range of experience leading business change in the New Zealand State services and the UK with large multi-national corporations. He has established and managed complex programmes of work... and importantly saw them through to completion.
Dmitri is a Senior ICT professional with extensive background in software testing and quality assurance across various industries including policing, telecommunications and financial software.
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